September 22, 2021

WOW! That was some SERIOUS Partying!

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Skibosh here! Sorry for the delay in posting this. Spaulding and I have officially returned to the States and I have been battling a serious case of jetlag. I think I am over it and so I will make a post everyday until we have officially left Germany according to our adventure web site.

Before I forget I have added an updates box in the upper right side of the page. It’s labeled “Adventure Updates”. Enter your email and click “Go”. After a couple of steps to verify you actually want to receive email from us, you will be subscribed to the site which means you will receive an email every time we add something new to the site.

Alright, where were we…oh yeah we just finished that wild and mulletized wedding. Crazy stuff! Well, after partying until about 4 am Ann and I went to sleep. We needed to check out of our hotel by 12:00 so there was not much time, but enough. In the morning we experienced another wonderful German breakfast spread at the hotel with the entire wedding party. We had a great conversation about how German drivers are very good at following the law and they are all pretty decent drivers.

Jan had told us that it costs Germans 1000 Euros to get their drivers license and if you get too many tickets they take it away for good and you are out 1000 Euros. There is a ton of studying and class work you have to do in order to get your license and if you fail you cost yourself 600 Euro. If that is not incentive enough to be a good driver, once you get a certain number of tickets you actually get a psychological evaluation, which they call “The Idiot Test” because Germans can not believe you could be so dumb to not only put yourself in danger multiple times, but other people as well.


If this was implemented in America you know how rich those psych evaluators would be or at least completely and totally exhausted they would be for seeing soooo many stupid people everyday?!?! I don’t think there would be enough room to hold all of them.

Alright, I digress, but I do think that is the best damn idea ever! So…after hearing about German driving laws we all got our stuff packed and 15 of us piled into different cars and we were all taken to Oli’s parents’ home in Bunzwangon (hopefully spelled right). Wolfgang and Barbara were up later than we were the night before and got up earlier and they still had their home looking beautiful. There was a beer tent set up in the back yard and Wolfgang had the grill fired up and was already grilling rotewurst, corn on the cob, tri tip, and even vegetables!

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As soon as we sat down they made sure we all had something to drink and no it was not a beer that early in the day. Spaulding and I actually enjoyed some juice….go figure. As the day went on more and more of Oli’s family and friends showed up. Later in the day I gained enough courage and performed some magic for Oli’s Aunts, Uncles and next-door neighbors. It was quite the experience to perform magic for people when I couldn’t speak their native langauge, but to my surprise it worked! Who knew?

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The day stretched into night and the food did not stop coming. Somewhere around dinnertime Spaulding and I broke out the beers and kept the beer count alive that day. Finally, around 10 pm we all decided to call it night. We all being 15 people from the wedding party that were all staying and Wolfgang and Barbara’s, I can not begin to describe what wonderful and amazing people both Wolfgang and Barbara are, but eventually I will and I will definitely post it here.

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Ann retired early, but I stayed up just a wee bit later playing a dice drinking game with Janny, Becca, Neeraj, Karl and Theresa. The game was called “Mexli”. Janny learned it while he was in Greece. It is your typical game of “bluff”. It was fun and I always love learning a new drinking game. Finally at 12:00 pm the rest of us called it a night.

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It was the absolutely the most perfect day to have after partying so hard the night before. It was a day filled with food, drink, and most importantly laughter. Laughter with old friends and new ones. Oli’s family and neighbors were so welcoming it was amazing.

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Getting to know Oli’s exchange school buddy Karl and his folks Darlene and Ed was great and it was the best way to end the wedding and start the new adventure of the coming week, which includes 3 castles and German wine tasting. That’s right WINE tasting, NOT BEER tasting.

Alright, that is enough for now. Tomorrow brings another day and another adventure!

Skibosh Out!

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Damn Spaulding and her ability to get up earlier than me!


  1. Do you think Scott could drive in Germany????

  2. The Groom says:

    Everybody is still raving about Marty, the Magician!!!

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