September 22, 2021

Would You Like A USB Stick With That!

Skibosh here! So Spaulding and I got out a little later tonight than we wanted to and we missed dinner time, so we decided 2 hearty German beers should suffice and it was close, but we still needed some solid food.

On our way home from the local brewhouse we stopped at a Burger King. I always stop at 1 fast food chain on an international trip because you never know what you will get.

Check out what this BK offer’s with their value meals!


If I SUPERSIZE it would I get a Flat Screen TV? Hmmmmm I knew I forgot to ask something!

Skibosh Out!


ps- yes that’s 25 beers for me and 24 for Spaulding.

psps- don’t panic that is for the entire trip.

pspsps – I am really working on the beer counting post. I promise!


  1. That's more beer than I have had in five years.

  2. HAHAHA!!! USB sticks with BK food attached? Thats hilarious! I sure hope you bought some of those suckers just out of pure entertainment!

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