September 22, 2021

We’re Baaaaaaack!

Hello all, Skibosh here!

Well, guess what. Spaulding and I are at it again. Another wedding coming down the pipeline, which means more travel adventures for Spaulding and I.

This time the victims, I mean happy couple, are my good friends T.J. and Lori!

They are getting married in Mexico! Right near Cancun. This not only means sharing one the biggest moments in a friends life, but also a lot of tropical adventures as well!


Besides partying it up an an all exclusive resort with some close high school buddies, but Spaulding and I also have a full/relaxing docket coming up.

Over the next 7 days our 3 major plans are to swim with dolphins, go scuba diving in Cozumel and finally visit some Mayan ruins and get down to the bottom of this 2012 stuff. The other 4 days will be spent, drinking, relaxing, sun bathing, snorkeling, swimming and anything else you can think with great friends.

Overall, I can’t wait to enjoy this experience in the moment and create new memories to have for the rest of our lives! So stay tuned!

Skibosh/Spaulding Out!
IMG 1813IMG 1815

ps – if I don’t make it off the plane alive…start by questioning the man staring into the back of my head like he doesn’t want to be in our adventure site!


  1. I love how it looks like the ocean leads right into the hotel pools. What hotel is that?

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