August 5, 2021

Welcome Fellow Adventurers!


Welcome to the Adventures of Skibosh and Spaulding!

If you are here, you need to get a life! Just kidding, we really do appreciate you coming in and checking out our adventures. We will be posting all of them right here. Everything from international travels to the batting cages right here in Burbank.

The inspiration for this blog was the movie “UP”. Another great movie from that crazy group with the walking lamp for a logo! Life is very short, we are only here for a flicker in time. We must enjoy every moment we can whether they are big, international travel, or small, learning how to “tip” (dance) from some of your closet friends. You need to cherish them all!

You also need to remember them and  that is the entire point of our adventure site. It is the place we come to write down our adventures so that in our old age, we can recall them with vivid pictures and detailed stories. We would also like to share these adventures with our family and friends.

So please, take some time out of a boring day and enjoy some of our adventures, hopefully they will inspire others to not only have adventures of their own, but to share those adventures with others, so they will never be forgotten.

Skibosh & Spaulding