September 22, 2021

Time To Shoot Some Beavers!


Skibosh here… barely, it’s late in the day Sunday and Spaulding and I have been recovering from Schutzenfest all day. I don’t even know where to begin or what exactly I remember about last night, but I do have proof that Robby, Spaulding and company all got a chance to shoot some beavers last night at Schutzenfest. Check out the proof below.

Robby ShootingAnn ShootingMarty Shooting

Wow, you know you had a good time the night before when you go to sleep after the sun comes up, you wake up with a headache, and your memory of the last few hours of the night seem to be a little foggy and the only thing that cuts through the fog are the photos from the night before.

Blurry Night

Okay, maybe not that one so much, but I can guarantee you that is exactly how Spaulding and I were seeing the world after Schutzenfest with our trusted sidekick Robert.

I guess a good place to start any story is with its characters. The core group of characters last night was a grade “A” group of crazy, not to mention all of the wonderfully insane people we met as the night progressed.

The core group of characters that showed us a great time at Schutzenfest were Robby, Oli (The Groom), Becca (The Bride), and finally Jan (Oli’s Little Bro).


The day started off pretty normal. I slept in late enough for Spaulding to take this picture of me as payback for the super hero picture I took of her on the plane the night before.

Isn't He So Cute and Cuddley (Spaulding)

Isn't He So Cute and Cuddley (Spaulding)

Payback sucks 🙂

German BreakfastAfter 24 hours of travel Spaulding and I slept for about 12 hours to give us the proper rest before Schutzenfest would begin. We woke up around 11:00 am and Robby’s grandparents (Nana and Manne) made us a traditional German breakfast which included pretzels, liverwurst, bread, museli(oatmeal, yogurt meal) coffee and tea.

It was delicious.

Shortly after breakfast Robby, Spaulding and I headed to the fair grounds of Schutzenfest. The weather was pretty cool with some rain on and off, but that did not stop us. We walked to the grounds enjoyed our first beer and watched the official parade as Schutzenfest kicked off. We had some time before Oli, Becca, and Jan showed up on the train.

Schutzenfest Parade

The parade included all of the kids in town. They each dressed up as different groups of people that were a part of Biberach’s rich history. This is also where we met two of Robby’s high school friends, Mike and Joe.  Check out the video below to see some crazy singing Germans. Video might take a little time to load so be patient.

Spaulding was right, it was trouble, but the kind of trouble that makes for good times and even greater memories. After the parade we walked to the train station to pick up the rest of the characters. Along the way to the train station we ran into more of Robby’s friends where we had a quick 4th beer before continuing onto the train station.

More German Friends

Once we picked up the crew we walked back to Schutzenfest and went to straight to the Beer tent to enjoy another beer, this time a Raddler (half beer/half lemonade) not as potent, but let’s you enjoy the beer. Spaulding and I also shared a Rotewurst (Red sausage) and some fries.


Robby also showed us a special skill he acquired when he was younger.


Don’t ask. I didn’t want to know how or why and you shouldn’t either.

After 2 more beers in the beer tent we left to go back to Robby’s grandparents for a traditional shot of schnapps with his grandparents. These are not the schnapps that we have in America, they may be flavored like raspberry, strawberry, apricot or blueberry, but they have some real kick to them.

Check out Spaulding.

After hearing a couple of great stories from Manne we left and went back to the fairgrounds for more drinking and fun. Once we were back Robby introduced us to a small little drink called “Feiglings”. It’s sweet liquor that you shoot in a very special way. Check out the video:

With our bellies full of booze we thought it would be the perfect time to go on some carnival rides. We decided to play it safe and just go on the Ferris wheel.  We did not to do anything stupid because at this time we were around beer number 8 plus a couple shots of Fieglings.


We got on the ride and thought everything was cool until we realized that our cart that we were in was able to be spun, if the carnies gave us a push. Robby thought it would be a great idea so he told them to do it. I don’t know what happened because I had my eyes closed the whole time, but you can see for yourself below.

We decided that the best way to recover from the Ferris Wheel of Doom was to have some more food, some more beer and a few more Fieglings.

Unfortunately when we finished Beer 10 it was time to say goodbye to half of the crew and we sent them off on a train home.


The fun might have ended for Becca, Oli and Jan, but the night was just beginning for Robby, Spaulding and I. Once again we headed back to the Beer Tent and enjoyed Beer number 11 and that’s when we started to run into a lot of Robby’s long time friends and with that came Beers 12-15 with two bottles of some red sugar watery drink that Robby bought.

I don’t remember a lot from here on out. I can just share some pictures.


By the end of the night, we hailed a taxi, and barely made it home as the sun was coming up around 5:30 am.

The next morning or should I say afternoon, Spaulding and I woke up hurting, me more than her. Robby’s grandparents made us some homemade soup and pretzels to help cure the hangover and it worked. By the time we were on the train to Salzburg I started to feel better.

We are now in Salzburg, about to enjoy some good times of our own sans beer drinking. We need to fully recover before the wedding next weekend.  With that I bid you farewell. Spaulding is asleep next to me…wait for it.


There it is!

Ha ha…never gets old for me. I feel sorry you people 😉 Seriously though it’s time for me to get some sleep, Salzburg awaits!

Sneaky Skibosh out!



  1. I got drunk watching you guys drink. Sounds like you are having a ball.

  2. Big Sis Sky says:

    When did you turn in to such a lush!!!

  3. LOVE the videos!! Man, I really felt for you when I saw the spinning ride… I wouldnt have been able to handle that!!

    Kinda made me sad to see the video at Robby's family's house… since it wasn't too long ago we have a video of the exact same gang… plus me! Ahhh,,, those were fun times!

    Anyway, Glad you are having fun!!! I miss you around here!

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