October 27, 2021

The Ludwigsburg Palace and More German Food!

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Hello out there, Skibosh here and today I get to share with you our first adventure to a real German palace, the Ludwigsburg Palace.

After a very awesome Sunday afternoon of eating, drinking and making new friends we all got some rest and woke up around 9 am on Monday morning ready to take on the next adventure. Just like every other day in Germany our day started with a nice hearty breakfast and then 12 of us piled into 3 cars and we headed for Ludwigsburg to see one of Germany’s largerst baroque palaces!

Ann and I got to drive with Wolfgang (Oli’s dad) and Janny (Oli’s younger brother). It gave us a chance to get to know Wolfgang a little better and he gave us a very good background on German government and all the buildings we were driving by on our way to the palace. It was very educational.

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Once we got to the palace we enjoyed a great private English tour where we learned about King Friedrich, who was the most famous occupant of the palace. King Friedrich was 6’11 441 lbs and he was married to Queen Charlotte who was about 5’9 280 lbs.  Every one would stare in astonishment at the large couple whenever they were together.

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We also learned about the port-a-potties of the King and Queen which basically was a Victorian styled chair with a bed pan attached to the bottom. Whenever they needed to go, their servants would bring the chair to them. They would drop trou right in front of every one, do their business and then servants would take the chair away. No toilet paper or anything and they only bathed about once a month.

If you look closely, next to the queens bed is her toilet chair. It’s the blue and white striped one.

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Don’t worry the Queen would put 1 liter of rose oil on her body everyday to help with the smell. Can you imagine the mixture of rose oil, body sweat, and well…everything else… well, wait, don’t imagine it…it’s too gross.

Anyways, once the tour was finished we grabbed some ice cream and coffee by a local cafe and then headed back to Wolfgang and Barbara’s.

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That night we all went to a Beer Garden near Bunzwangon called The Gerber House. Of course we ate more meat, sausage, and definitely drank more beer.

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We started off outside, but made our way into the restaurant when we saw signs of rain. Oli and Wolfgang made the call and they were right, no sooner did we get inside, and it started to rain. It was a cool thunderstorm with lots of lighting and thunder.

The inside of the Gerber house was warm and cozy. Something I noticed a lot about German bars and pubs. The inside always has a lot of wood showing, they are usually a deep auburn brown or yellow, some very warm color. I could only imagine what it feels like to walk in on a chilly Christmas day and enjoy the warm hearty food and good beer.

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Our beer count definitely increased, that’s 38 for me and 33 for Ann. I also increased my German vocabulary. Oli taught me how to say the ever important words “One more please”. I also learned about flammkuchen which is a German/French pizza! That’s right, Janny, it’s PIZZA!  He hates it when I call it that.

Anyways, it’s a pretty simple dish. It consists of creme fraiche (similar to sour cream), quark, bacon and onion. The creme fraiche and quark make up a white sauce and the bacon and onion are the toppings and it all goes on a nice, thin crust pizza dough. It’s delicious!

flammkuchen optweb

Overall, it was another great adventure in Germany. Spaulding and I got to see our first German palace, we enjoyed more food, beer and friends. We closed down the place and headed back to Wolfgang and Barbara’s for a good night’s rest.

Tomorrow we adventure to the Lichtenstein. A medieval castle with a moat, drawbridge and everything us Americans picture a castle to be!

Skibosh Out!

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  1. BroOfGroom says:

    It's NOT Pizza. It's flat bread. Nice post by the way. I really like it. Keep it up!

  2. Hey, I googled 'German Food' and landed on your website…it's funny because I'm originally from Ludwigsburg 😉 but I live in Maine now.

    Just thought I'd say hi.

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