September 22, 2021

The Day After

Skibosh here…who else would it be 😉

Due to technical difficulties (Not having a memory card in my camera at the wedding ceremony) I will have to postpone the wedding night extravaganza post until later in the week when I return to Hamburg. Then I can get Robby’s pictures of the ceremony.

Just know it was a blast and one of the best experiences I have ever had in Germany!

IMG 0147IMG 0152

IMG 0142

Today, I will tell you about the best way to recover from a wedding night full of love, dancing and just overall craziness! The best way to recover is this.

1. You need a lot of sleep.
2. You need a nice hearty breakfast.
3. You need chili flavored chocolate, smoked fish, Langos (Hungarian funnel cake) and big bed on the beach and German beer!
4. Awesome friends to enjoy the whole experience with!

IMG 0180

Yesterday could not have been more perfect! After a hearty German breakfast, I ran with Robby and Meike to the train station to see them off. Poor guys have to return home to they can go back to work.

After that I took a little nap and then met up with Ray, Anja and some of their friends and family. We went to a small beach town in North Eastern Germany called Warnmuende!

There Anja showed me the beach she used to visit all the time growing up.

IMG 0165

Right on the Baltic Sea. Those little cabana’s you see our like little fold out beds that you can rent to lay out and enjoy the sun. They also shield you from the wind. (no this is not the giant bed on the beach I mentioned early. That’s doesn’t come ’til the end of the day)

After the beach tour we walked down to the harbor and met up with friends and family so we could take a boat/ferry tour of the port where we learned about the ship building industry that used to be big there.

IMG 0169IMG 0173

Unfortunately due to China’s cheap labor almost all of the shipyards have closed down expect for a few.

This is also a big port where you can catch a ferry and ride it over to the Scandinavian countries for a quick little vacation.

IMG 0170IMG 0172

After the boat tour, the sun decided to break through the clouds and join us for the rest of the day as we walked up and down the board walk.

On one side of the river stores lined the walkway. The only one that I was really interested was the chocolate store.

IMG 0178

It was in this store where I bought the most unique flavored chocolate bar. CHILI flavored! Amazingly it tasted like chocolate, but the after taste was a little spicy. Very interesting and very good!

After that we crossed the river and walked down the other side of the river.

IMG 0185

Fishing boats lined the board walk on either side and they doubled for little vending booths were you can buy fresh fish, beer and other treats.

IMG 0183IMG 0181

We stopped by a boat that had all different fish available to eat. You could get smoked fish, fried fish, shrimp or calamari. I decided to have a type of smoked shark sandwich. It was delicious!

IMG 0184IMG 0182

We continued on our way and it wasn’t long before we came across a crepe/doughnut stand. So Anja and I decided to indulge our sweet tooth and she ordered a banana chocolate crepe and I ordered something that was essentially fried dough of goodness or something similar to funnel cake.

It was awesome, but I definitely needed to wash it all down with a good german beer. Where better to do that then in a giant bed right on the beach!

IMG 0189

And by giant I do mean giant.

IMG 0188

It fit everyone. So we sat in the giant bed for the rest of the afternoon. We enjoyed a couple of beers, the sun and a great breeze that came in off the Baltic sea.

We finished the day at Anja’s parents house. We enjoyed some BBQ’d chicken and sausage and some sweet champagne.

Overall, it was a great relaxing day. The perfect day to recover from partying and having fun with friends and family. Thats all I got for now.

Today, Ray, Anja and I will be traveling to Berlin!

Skibosh Out!



  1. Wow! That's quite the big bed! Nice! I love the colors of the boats and the bldgs along the river, it's so pretty! It reminds me a little bit of that cute Spanish town we hiked to with BreAnn when we were in San Sebastian.

    Keep the pictures and blogs coming!!

  2. Dad Skibosh says:

    Now that's a huge @#$% bed. The entire family could sleep in it! Would have been great when you kids were growing up and it was storming outside and you jumped into bed with us.

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