September 22, 2021

Salzburg, Oh Romantic Salzburg!


Skibosh here, if I used one word to describe Salzburg it would be “romantic”. I am a sucker for smaller European towns that are not huge metropolitan cities. It really takes me to another time and place. It reminds me of the “Port of Soller”, a small Spanish city that Spaulding, BreAnn, and I happened upon on the island of Mallorca last September when we were all traveling. Speaking of which, Bre here are two pictures just for you.


Time seems to have stood still in most of these towns and the way of life is so different that you can do nothing but just sit and be still with time. These are the experiences I’ve enjoyed the most on my two trips to Europe so far.


After the Sound of Music Tour most of our time in Salzburg was spent exploring the city both during the day and at night. During the day Spaulding and I ate at small cafés and explored the St. Peter’s cemetery.  As morbid as it sounds, it was interesting to see graves that date back to the 1800’s right next to graves that were dated 2003.


The second night in town we saw a marionette show. It was fun and interesting experience. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take pictures during the show.  It was the story of “The Magic Flute”. It was in German, but as each new scene started they projected a description of each scene in English and 4 other languages in order for everyone to understand. I was amazed by the detail of movement the puppeteers had over each puppet. They would be walking in one direction, pointing in another, waving an arm, and nodding the head all at the same time.

My favorite part of Salzburg was the late evenings Spaulding and I spent in town. After about 10 o’clock the streets would clear out and we had the town to ourselves. We would walk through town and take pictures, eat ice cream and enjoy the cool air that came down from the Alps.



The walks back to the hotel were equally as nice. They had a walkway that ran along the river and each night Spaulding and I got to stroll down the riverside and talk about all of the experiences we had that day, like our walk through the famous, but strange “Dwarf Garden”, which was guarded by two dwarf volleyball players.


I am not kidding, they are volleyball players. The rest of the garden is a crazy American’s photo opt dream come true. Check out the pictures below!

I feel bad that I was not there to protect Spaulding from the last dangerous stick wielding dwarf, but I was a little busy getting rid of the last of the beer from Schutzenfest.


Overall, I am sad to be leaving Salzburg. It was such a fun, relaxing experience, but adventure awaits in Munich! Adventures that will definitely include the ever famous Hofbrauhaus, the English Garden, and I am sure a few more beers.

We will always have our memories of Salzburg and with that I bid Salzburg farewell.


Skibosh Out!


  1. Which ones were the dwarfs?

  2. I can't believe you found a statue doing "the BreAnn pose" !! haha!! I'm gonna have to post that on my sister's page, she'll get a kick out of that!

  3. Jaim-Dawg says:


    your parents are still making me laugh out loud, not easy to do!

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