August 5, 2021

T.J. and Lori’s Wedding – Mexico 2011

We’re Baaaaaaack!

Hello all, Skibosh here! Well, guess what. Spaulding and I are at it again. Another wedding coming down the pipeline, which means more travel adventures for Spaulding and I. This time the victims, I mean happy couple, are my good friends T.J. and Lori! They are getting married in Mexico! Right near Cancun. This not […]

All Inclusive Resort…Sort of!?!

Skibosh here! Well, in case you didn’t notice there were not any adventure stories about Mexico while we were actually in Mexico. I’m sorry about that, but the simple truth was that our all-inclusive resort did not actually include Internet! Overall, it actually felt great to unplug, but we were a little sad we could […]

The Resort!

Skibosh here! Spaulding and I arrived safely at our resort in Puerto Morelos, Mexico on Saturday night. The weather was a perfect 83 degrees with a nice warm tropical breeze coming right off the ocean and into the main resort lobby where we ran into the whole wedding group enjoying an evening drink after what […]

Mexico – Day 1 – Drinking, Eating, and Loving!

Skibosh here! After a great nights sleep Spaulding and I awoke to a beautiful sunny “tropical” view off of our room’s balcony and we instantly knew it was going to be a great day! There were alligators in that water below. So we heard from Aaron and Tiff later in that day. After enjoying the […]

Mexico Day 2 – A Little More Drinking and Not so Much Action!

Skibosh here! Well, our second full day in Mexico was filled with a little drinking and a lot of laying on the beach. Nothing really exciting to talk about for that day, but that evening a group of us took a tour of a nearby city called Playa del Carmen. The majority of the group […]