August 5, 2021

Ray and Anja’s Wedding – Germany 2010

A Lone Adventure!

Skibosh here! Well, it’s wedding season again and I am heading off to Germany for another wedding with some great friends. Our friends Ray and Anja are getting married! No we are not in Germany in this picture. We are actually in Torrence California celebrating Oktoberfest American style. Sadly Spaulding will not be joining me […]

Hamburg Hospitality!

Skibosh here! Well, after 24 hours of travel I made it safely to Hamburg. I had very smooth trip overall. I had a 5 hour layover in Heathrow where I enjoyed an English breakfast of eggs, sausage, bacon, toast and baked beans. It was delicious. An hour later I enjoyed a beer while I watched […]

The Wedding

The whole reason for my trip to Germany are these two people here. Ray and Anja! Many people asked me this year why I would travel so far for my friends wedding. The answer is simple. When your friends ask you to share one of the biggest days of their lives with you, you say […]

The Day After

Skibosh here…who else would it be 😉 Due to technical difficulties (Not having a memory card in my camera at the wedding ceremony) I will have to postpone the wedding night extravaganza post until later in the week when I return to Hamburg. Then I can get Robby’s pictures of the ceremony. Just know it […]

Anja Day in Berlin!

Skibosh here! This morning woke up to another beautiful sunny day in Bad Doberman. After eating breakfast, I packed up, checked out and took some final pictures of the town and Hotel before Ray, Anja and I headed off to Berlin. Once the car was all packed we enjoyed a nice 2.5 hour drive to […]

Berlin Day 2 – Ray Day!

Skibosh here! So my second day in Berlin is so creatively named “Ray Day” because Ray showed me around Berlin and we had a blast! Yeah, I know we make a cute couple 😉 The day began with a trip to the Bundestag. That is the German Pariliment/Senate building. Ray’s friend Marko works for a […]

My Return to Mannheim!

Skibosh here! Well this marks my triumphant return to Mannheim! After two fun filled and adventurous days in Berlin I took a train with Oli and Becca back to Mannheim where Ann and I spent a couple of days last year. I was looking forward to a nice relaxing evening of drinks and soccer. Tonight […]

Back to Hamburg

Skibosh here! Well, Thursday morning after a great night in Mannheim, I got up and enjoyed breakfast with Becca and Oli. After saying goodbyes….I hate goodbyes…Becca walked me to the train station and saw me on my way back to Hamburg to finish out the trip. The train ride was smooth and uneventful. I arrived […]