September 22, 2021

Mexico – Day 1 – Drinking, Eating, and Loving!

Skibosh here!

After a great nights sleep Spaulding and I awoke to a beautiful sunny “tropical” view off of our room’s balcony and we instantly knew it was going to be a great day!

IMG 2152

There were alligators in that water below. So we heard from Aaron and Tiff later in that day. After enjoying the view, which is also awesome when you look at from our awesome two person bathtub!

IMG 2158

Spaulding and I went to the gym and actually worked out that morning. Yeah, go figure, all-inclusive Mexico resort and we are working out! Well, I knew we were going to be eating and drinking a ton, so we wanted to make sure we stayed balanced.

After the workout we enjoyed a nice breakfast and got ready to enjoy the beach, pool and alcohol. We were off to the sun and fun!

IMG 1825

Paparrazzi Spaulding shot! Checkout that big floppy hat! Just awesome. As we left the hallway we were over taken by a beautiful view of the ocean.

IMG 1826

We then settled in for a long day of nothing!

IMG 1830

Well, maybe not nothing, we did alot of eating and drinking and swimming. Check it out!

IMG 1831

IMG 1833

IMG 1838

And at some point sleeping. Yes, sleeping in the pool.

IMG 1844

I then woke up and apparently mistook TJ for Ann!

IMG 1845

That was awkward, but I do have to say TJ keeps a soft goatee! No seriously, though it was a great day of just haning with friends and getting to meet new ones as well.

IMG 1847

IMG 1848

IMG 1850

Before the sunset Spaulding and I made sure to go for a long stroll on the beach.

IMG 1856IMG 1869

After the walk we met Aaron and Tiff for dinner at the Asian restaurant and enjoyed some sushi, pad thai and some great other fish.

IMG 1876

After the meal we went for walk over to the “Perferred” side of the resort to see what it would feel like to be “perferred” people.

IMG 1878

They had the same furniture we did, not quite sure the difference, but oh well. After that we met up with everyone at the sports bar for a night of drinking and dancing.

IMG 1885

There are those damn electric lime green shots again! Overall, it was a great start to the trip.

Tomorrow, more of the same is in store, but for now…

Skibosh Out!


  1. Cheryl (aka da mama) says:

    It's the umpteenth gray/gloomy day here and I am savoring all your pictures with my eyes…wishing I was there right now. Closing my eyes…ahhhhhh yes, I hear the waves crashing on the shore, I feel the warm bright sunshine on my back and here comes my cabana boy with some fresh chips and salsa with guacamole and an enormous mango margarita. Ohhhhhh, this is the life! 🙂

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