September 22, 2021

Germany Here We Come!

Becca and OliWell, the first adventure we will be posting will be our Germany Adventure. Our good friends Rebecca and Oli will be getting married in Germany this year and we will be there! The best adventure stories begin with a teaser. A little story about the adventure to come. A trailer if you will.





This German Adventure begins with a plane landing in Munich. We will have a couple of hours in Munich before our trusted comedic sidekick  Robby shows up on a flight later in the day. We will be battling jetlag as we search Munich for Bavarian food and more importantly Bavarian Beer (Hefeweisen) as we wait for Robby to arrive!

Robby (Comedic Sidekick)

Robby (Comedic Sidekick)


Once Robby shows up we will board a train to Biberach to enjoy a nice relaxing evening with Robby’s family. We will also need to rest because Saturday is  Schutzenfest! A huge summer festival in Biberach celebrating the age old tradition of BEAVER SHOOTING! The day will stretch into night and back into day before we will get to sleep again.

After the day of shooting beavers and drinking the we leave our comedic sidekick behind and travel on our own to Salzburg, Austria where we will enjoy the sounds of music and The Sound Of Music during our two day stay.

From Salzburg the adventure will continue back to Munich for more eating, drinking and definitely bicycle riding through the English Garden. I am sure their will be a museum or two in there somewhere.

Next it is onto Kirchheim for the wedding festivities which is being held in a Castle! The wedding will last the good part of Saturday and will fall over into the beginning of Sunday.

After the wedding our gracious hosts (Becca and Oli) will be escorting us through German Wine Country for a series of tastings and sight seeing. A great big thanks to Oli and Becca for organizing a trip. You two rock!

Finally at the end of the week we will be returning the U.S. only to adventure again as soon as humanly possible!

Stay Tuned and we hope you enjoy the show!



Adventure Awaits!

Adventure Awaits!


  1. da mama says:

    I'm staying tuned for each day of the adventure! Wish I was there!! Have a fabulous time!!!

  2. M Messier says:

    two thumbs up for the Broadway reference…. you get extra points every time a musical reference shows up in the blog… 🙂 And if you can work the name Sondheim in there – you get major bonus points…

    Have the best time ever on your trip! Can't wait to follow along!

  3. Really enjoying this – Beaver shooting was different when I was young. There were no animals involved.

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