September 22, 2021

Germans, Mullets and Crazy Hats!

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Skibosh here! Well, the wedding day finally arrived. The event we have all been talking about, the event that brought Spaulding and I to Germany. The event that brought an amazing group of people together from all over the world!

The Event: The Wedding of Oli and Becca!

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Two people who are greatly loved by people all over the world! Countries like Great Britain, India, Austria, Egypt, America, China and last but certainly not least Germany!

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There are very few times in your life when you get the oppertunity to travel with so many great friends and enjoy a great experience together so far from home. It was an adventure that Spaulding and I could not pass up and it lived up to all our expectations and more.

The wedding was held in a beautiful German church in Kirchheim/Teck, only steps away from the castle where the reception was held. It was very interesting to attend a wedding that was mostly in German. The priest did a wonderful job of translating what he could into English.

After the ceremony we all waked over to the castle for a champagne reception before the food was served. This was great time to catch up with friends and of course keep the beer count going!

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Oh, the girls did figure out how to tie the ribbons into bows and they turned out pretty good. Check them out!

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Before we went into eat there was a very cool red balloon release. We all gathered in the courtyard where red balloons were handed out and we all let them go at the same time.

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After the balloon release we all gathered inside to enjoy a nice healthy German buffet for dinner. We had vegetarian lasagna, pork wrapped in bacon…that’s right pig wrapped in pig, can’t get any better than that. This is also the time that the wine started flowing and we started to get to know one another.

Two of Oli’s good friends Jan and Max gave a wonderful speech which included a powerpoint presentation with some funny pictures of the bride and groom. Jan spoke in German and Max spoke in English and everyone was laughing. It was a great start to the evening.

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After the speeches the music started and the fun began. I am sure you are wondering how the mullets and crazy hats came to be. Well, the wedding photographer set up a little photo booth outside that we could all go to and take our own pictures. He encouraged everyone to bring something silly to wear for the pictures, after the booth closed the hats and the mullet moved to the dance floor and that is where we get crazy pictures like these:

IMG 0641IMG 0658IMG 0984IMG 0983
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It wasn’t just all dress up. Once the DJ found the music that got us all out on the dance floor (Michael Jackson or anything from the 80s). We all danced, danced, danced, drank, danced, drank, danced, and danced some more. No one was afraid to show their true dance moves and those are people I will party with anytime, anywhere, anyplace!

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Alright, that is enough, the bottom line is that everyone had a blast and we didn’t leave until around 4:00 am. The evening was soo much fun the DJ played some great music from northern Germany that is very typical and we danced to it all. See for yourself.

After all the dancing and drinking the evening finally and sadly came to an end. We all made our way outside maybe grabbed a final drink to go and very carefully walked back to our hotel which was only across the street.

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It was a great time with great friends, old and new, and I can’t wait to come back to Germany to do it all over again!

Skibosh Out!

P.S. Oh by the way Ann did catch the bouquet and I did catch the garter.

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  1. Only one word…AWESOME!!!

  2. Annie, you look beautiful! (You, too, Marty). 🙂

  3. da roommate says:

    the Legend continues…

  4. YOU BOTH LOOK WONDERFUL! Although there were times where Marty was dancing with another guy that seemed different.

  5. The Groom says:

    It was so much fun!!! We're so glad you could be with us! Judging from those mullet pics, it looks like you had lots of fun, too!! 🙂

    P.S. Well done with the garter and the bouquet!!!

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