September 22, 2021

Mexico Day 2 – A Little More Drinking and Not so Much Action!

Skibosh here!

Well, our second full day in Mexico was filled with a little drinking and a lot of laying on the beach.

IMG 1891

IMG 1892

Nothing really exciting to talk about for that day, but that evening a group of us took a tour of a nearby city called Playa del Carmen. The majority of the group took a bus to the city while TJ, Aaron and I had to take a cab because not everyone fit on the tour bus. Go figure.

After an exciting taxi ride through Mexico we did arrive safely with the group. We basically had about 2 hours to explore the city, so we enjoyed a tequilla tasting where Spaulding bought a bottle of cream tequilla. It tastes very similar to Baily’s, but with a tequilla finish.

If you want to try some, you’ll have to come visit us back in Cali!

Back to the night, after the tasting Spaulding, Aaron, Tiff and I decided to get some authentic Mexican cuisine, a.k.a. fresh guacamole, and a few beers.

IMG 1895

We ended up on the second floor of this restaurant with a great view of the entire shopping square of Playa del Carmen. We enjoyed the food and beer and we also had our picture taken by a complete stranger and wouldn’t you know by the end of the meal and a great deal of haggling by Aaron, we each ended up with a tiny token from that evening.

Check it out!

IMG 1897

We might be suckers, but where else will you find yourself on a bottle of tequilla! After that we just walked around the town a little and took our pictures with various statues they had around town.

IMG 1894

Wait for it…

IMG 1893

Wait for it….

IMG 1902

BAM! Spaulding is soo wrong, especially after this statue started moving!!! We found out he was one of those guys who just sits real still….I’m just messing with you!

He isn’t real! But that would have been one heck of a story.

Seriously though it was a very fun night that I won’t soon forget!

IMG 1901

After that, we went back into town and called it an early night because the next day we had to catch a 7:45 am bus ride to the Ilsa Mujeres for our day of swimming with the dolphins!

Stay tuned for an awesome post about Sting Rays, Sharks and Dolphins oh my! Spaulding should be writing it soon…I hope 🙂

Skibosh Out!

Mexico – Day 1 – Drinking, Eating, and Loving!

Skibosh here!

After a great nights sleep Spaulding and I awoke to a beautiful sunny “tropical” view off of our room’s balcony and we instantly knew it was going to be a great day!

IMG 2152

There were alligators in that water below. So we heard from Aaron and Tiff later in that day. After enjoying the view, which is also awesome when you look at from our awesome two person bathtub!

IMG 2158

Spaulding and I went to the gym and actually worked out that morning. Yeah, go figure, all-inclusive Mexico resort and we are working out! Well, I knew we were going to be eating and drinking a ton, so we wanted to make sure we stayed balanced.

After the workout we enjoyed a nice breakfast and got ready to enjoy the beach, pool and alcohol. We were off to the sun and fun!

IMG 1825

Paparrazzi Spaulding shot! Checkout that big floppy hat! Just awesome. As we left the hallway we were over taken by a beautiful view of the ocean.

IMG 1826

We then settled in for a long day of nothing!

IMG 1830

Well, maybe not nothing, we did alot of eating and drinking and swimming. Check it out!

IMG 1831

IMG 1833

IMG 1838

And at some point sleeping. Yes, sleeping in the pool.

IMG 1844

I then woke up and apparently mistook TJ for Ann!

IMG 1845

That was awkward, but I do have to say TJ keeps a soft goatee! No seriously, though it was a great day of just haning with friends and getting to meet new ones as well.

IMG 1847

IMG 1848

IMG 1850

Before the sunset Spaulding and I made sure to go for a long stroll on the beach.

IMG 1856IMG 1869

After the walk we met Aaron and Tiff for dinner at the Asian restaurant and enjoyed some sushi, pad thai and some great other fish.

IMG 1876

After the meal we went for walk over to the “Perferred” side of the resort to see what it would feel like to be “perferred” people.

IMG 1878

They had the same furniture we did, not quite sure the difference, but oh well. After that we met up with everyone at the sports bar for a night of drinking and dancing.

IMG 1885

There are those damn electric lime green shots again! Overall, it was a great start to the trip.

Tomorrow, more of the same is in store, but for now…

Skibosh Out!

The Resort!

Skibosh here!

Spaulding and I arrived safely at our resort in Puerto Morelos, Mexico on Saturday night. The weather was a perfect 83 degrees with a nice warm tropical breeze coming right off the ocean and into the main resort lobby where we ran into the whole wedding group enjoying an evening drink after what seemed to be a whole day of drinking for all them.

Before we begin this adventure let me introduce you some of the characters you will be reading about on this trip. First off there is…

IMG 1817

well…Spaulding and I. If you don’t know us then I am not sure what you’re doing here, but welcome! No seriously, first off we have the two reasons for everyone being there at that is T.J. and Lori.

IMG 1816

T.J. is one of my best friends from high school. We go all the way back to first day of freshman football. I could fill dozens of pages about my adventures with T.J., we have been through a ton together and look forward to experiencing even more. Then there is Lori. I met Lori a few years ago when they first started dating and I instantly fell in love with the way she didn’t take any of T.J.’s crap. Lori is also the cousin of another one of my best friends from high school Aaron, or as I call him from time to time…Buddha!

IMG 1886

And Tiffany is his very cool and beautiful wife from Cananda…don’t ya know! Then there is this guy…

IMG 1819

…ummmmm…our waiter from the resort’s Italain restaurant where we ate at. I can’t remember his name and it probably had to do with those ultra lime green shots he has on that tray. Let me just say that it didn’t take long for us…well me, to catch up with everyone and we ended up having a wonderful Italian dinner and some more drinks and then we retired to our room early so we could get a head start on drinking and eating the next day.

The most exciting part of the night, besides the Mexican wrestler there, was walking the resort grounds and hearing the ocean waves, but only seeing darkness and wondering what was out there and what the resort would look like during the day!

IMG 1821 IMG 1823

IMG 1822

With that final walk that evening, Spaulding and I found our room and enjoyed a nice long night’s sleep!

Skibosh Out!

All Inclusive Resort…Sort of!?!

Skibosh here!

Well, in case you didn’t notice there were not any adventure stories about Mexico while we were actually in Mexico. I’m sorry about that, but the simple truth was that our all-inclusive resort did not actually include Internet!

IMG 1817

Overall, it actually felt great to unplug, but we were a little sad we could not share our adventures with you while they were actually happening, but we can share them now.

I will do my best to share all our Mexico adventures with you over the next week or two. So I hope you enjoy reading about our travels as much as we had experiencing and remembering it!

Skibosh Out!

We’re Baaaaaaack!

Hello all, Skibosh here!

Well, guess what. Spaulding and I are at it again. Another wedding coming down the pipeline, which means more travel adventures for Spaulding and I.

This time the victims, I mean happy couple, are my good friends T.J. and Lori!

They are getting married in Mexico! Right near Cancun. This not only means sharing one the biggest moments in a friends life, but also a lot of tropical adventures as well!


Besides partying it up an an all exclusive resort with some close high school buddies, but Spaulding and I also have a full/relaxing docket coming up.

Over the next 7 days our 3 major plans are to swim with dolphins, go scuba diving in Cozumel and finally visit some Mayan ruins and get down to the bottom of this 2012 stuff. The other 4 days will be spent, drinking, relaxing, sun bathing, snorkeling, swimming and anything else you can think with great friends.

Overall, I can’t wait to enjoy this experience in the moment and create new memories to have for the rest of our lives! So stay tuned!

Skibosh/Spaulding Out!
IMG 1813IMG 1815

ps – if I don’t make it off the plane alive…start by questioning the man staring into the back of my head like he doesn’t want to be in our adventure site!