September 22, 2021

Wine Tasting… German Style!

DSC 0488

Spaulding here to report on our last full day in Germany… and what an amazing last day it was! Today was our wine tasting day in the Pfalz region of Germany. That’s right, WINE tasting… not BEER tasting… 😉

We were able to sleep in this morning, which was really nice since we’ve had a lot of late nights and early mornings this week. Oli and Moh did a run to the grocery store and picked up lots of breakfast goods so we could start our wine tasting day out right with a full stomach. Once we ate, all showered and got ready, we were running a bit behind schedule so we had to book it to get to the train station in order to make our train. Luckily we got there with a few minutes to spare and then we were off!

To get to the winery, we had to take a short train ride and get off at a cute, little town where we then had to wait for a bus to take us to the winery. While we were waiting, we had the opportunity to take a couple of pictures.

IMG 1008 IMG 1016

Nice work, Moh-star! And Marty’s walking with the little communist dude on the cross walk sign!

Our bus arrived soon after and we then headed to an even smaller town, called Duttweiler, where our wine tasting adventure began! First of all, the town was amazingly cute…

IMG 1022 IMG 1021

IMG 1012 IMG 1010

And the winery we went to, Bergdolt-Reif & Nett, was even cuter!

DSC 0614

When we walked up the driveway, we saw 8 glasses of sparkling wine waiting for us… It was a beautiful sight! We were then greeted by our tour guide, none other than the winemaker himself, Christian Nett.

DSC 0461 DSC 0462

And also the world’s oldest cat, Garfield:

DSC 0571

No joke, this cat was 16 years old (I think) and when he meowed, if you can call it that, it sounded like an 80 year old smoker with a voice box. But he was super sweet and friendly, so we liked him!

As we were getting ready to take a tour, Oli suddenly got stung by a hornet! Thankfully it wasn’t a bee because he is allergic to them and that wouldn’t have been a good situation! It would have been a long haul to get him to the nearest hospital since we were out in the middle of nowhere. Luckily Oli was okay and one of Christian’s employees quickly cut up an onion and had him rub it on the sting mark, and amazingly enough, it went away fairly quickly. Thank goodness! Who knew an onion could do that! Learn something new everyday…

We then went on to the tour and Christian took us to the wine cellar where they had the wine barrels and bins. It wasn’t a huge cellar, but there was plenty of wine brewing going on.

IMG 1031 DSC 0474

DSC 0472 DSC 0473

After the tour came the part we were all looking forward to… the tasting room! And it was just us… no other tourists there to steal our wine! 😀

DSC 0489

So right off the bat Christian asks us which of the wines we wanted to try off of their menu… There was no set list, just us picking a wine and him opening up a bottle. And the most amazing part of this whole process was that he would open a bottle, pour himself and the person closest to him some and then hand us the bottle to pour ourselves however much we wanted to try… DANGER!!! Oh my! There were SO many great wines… how could you not try a good amount of each?!

Their specialty is Rieslings and I usually don’t like them because they are so sweet, but in reality, Rieslings really aren’t suppose to be sweet. They are a semi-dry wine, but for whatever reason, Germany only exports the sweet Rieslings because that is what Americans expect when they drink a Riesling. But the Reislings in Germany are SO much better! They’re not super sweet or super dry; they are in a good middle ground. Yeah… DANGER!

Luckily when Becca and Oli set up the wine tasting a few weeks ago, they had ordered an appetizer plate for each of us since they knew we’d be tasting a lot of wine. After trying 4 or 5 bottles, it was time for the second most amazing thing… the FOOD! I can’t even begin to explain how freakin’ spectacular our plates were without showing a picture first:

DSC 0478

Look at that care and detail with the flowers and the grass tying up the beef roll! Clockwise from that is melon and prosciutto with a little piece of fruit stuck into it; meatballs with a dip; bread with a pesto spread; a baked pizza-like pastry; cheese and olives; and my favorite, the tomato stuffed with ricotta cheese… Need I say more?! It was such a fun and delicious little feast!!

As we ate, we continued tasting wines… mostly whites because that is the grape the region grows best, but we did have a couple of reds as well that were pretty decent. And the wine we saved to the end was called Reisling Eiswein, which is an ice wine! Basically that means that they harvest the grapes during the first frost so they are cold and slightly frozen. The end result is a very sweet, but not sugary, wine. Even I, who doesn’t really like sweet wines, loved it! It was pretty amazing.

DSC 0477 DSC 0525

DSC 0527 DSC 0545

DSC 0481 DSC 0541

So, are you wondering about the final number of wines that we tried that day…? Grand total of bottles opened just for us… 14! Now that’s what I call wine tasting!

Needless to say we were all in a very happy mood when we left the winery 😉

DSC 0564

So happy that as we were waiting at the bus stop, we had some fun snapping silly pictures of us in the grapevine fields (courtesy of Jani, our paparazzi):

DSC 0710 DSC 0041 DSC 0736

Yeah… I have no idea what the guys were thinking in that picture…

DSC 0768

Jani is a lucky man… We had to get the paparazzi in a pic somewhere!

DSC 0008 DSC 0730

DSC 0046 DSC 0795

Yes… very happy we all were! Especially Jani who went from this:

DSC 0804

To this (Oli is pretending… Jani is not!):

IMG 1129

On our way back to Mannheim, we stopped and had some beers and a little food and we came across a very interesting drink on the English menu:

IMG 1110

Sex with a bitch anyone?? 😀

As we got back to Mannheim, we walked past the university that Oli is working and teaching at:

DSC 0067 DSC 0078

We then walked by this really cool monument that had the names of some of the Jewish people killed in the concentration camps during WWII:

IMG 1145

DSC 0089

The names are printed backwards, but when you get up close and look through the glass wall to the other side, the names can be read forward. It was a really amazing monument… and it makes you get up close to read it.

And then we headed back to Oli and Becca’s apartment for our last beers of Germany… Drum roll…! Marty’s final number:

IMG 1153

50! He hit his goal! And my final number:

IMG 1154

42! Always the over-achiever, I am!

What an unbelievably fun last day to have with such great friends. We couldn’t have asked for a better way to end our vacation. We truly feel so blessed to have had such a wonderful and stress free trip… and on top of that, we were able to enjoy it was some of the most wonderful, fun, smart and hilarious people we know!

Spaulding Out!

IMG 1126

How To Pour a Hefeweizen!

IMG 0887

One of the worst things that can happen to you while you are in Germany is pouring your Hefeweizen poorly. As you can see above this Hefeweizen has WAY TOO MUCH HEAD! Yes, I know what you are thinking and stop right there, this a PG-13 post.

After pouring that Hefeweizen so poorly, I knew I needed to learn how to do it from a true German Hefeweizen pourer. Oli graciously let me video tape him showing us all the correct way to pour a German Hefeweizen.

Watch, Learn, Enjoy!

Thanks Oli, you are awesome!

IMG 1150

Heidelberg Castle, Mannheim and Club Hans!

IMG 0929

Skibosh here! Hope everyone had a great weekend. So our trip is slowly coming to an end. We only have two days left in Germany and one long, long travel day.

After the long and exhausting day we had yesterday, we decided to take it a little easier today. In the morning 8 people got ready, ate breakfast and caught a train to Heidelberg. It was pretty astonishing, but we had the help of Oli, our drill sergeant, to keep us on schedule. He did an awesome job.

We did lose Yi today. She had to fly back home to the states. Her parents are visiting from China, so she has another whole adventure waiting for her as soon as she gets off the plane. We will miss you, Yi!

IMG 0861

Let’s see, where to begin. Why not with some beer. Last night at dinner we realized that I was on beer number 41 and Spaulding was on beer number 36.

IMG 0895IMG 0894

Spaulding and I decided to make sure our beer count ended on round numbers so she will try and drink at least 4 more beers to get her to 40 and I will try and drink 9 more beers to get me to the big 5-0. So in order for me to hit that number I needed to start drinking right away. So that morning before the first train, and while I was waiting for the second, I had beer number 42 and 43.

IMG 0906

IMG 0908

If you take a good look at the clocks behind me you will realize I started to drink before 10 am and had my second beer by noon. First time in my life I drank before 2:00 in the afternoon. It didn’t matter. I knew I could handle it. After all, I am in Germany and that is what I have been doing for the past 10 plus days. It did not affect me one bit…

IMG 0910

Okay, so maybe I took a nap after the second beer but…who wouldn’t! When I awoke from my little beer slumber we were in Heidelberg. One of the only major cities in Germany that was not bombed during World War II. Great Britain and Germany made a deal that if Germany did not bomb Cambridge, then they would not bomb Heidelberg. The deal stuck and now we were now able to enjoy Heidelberg and all of its original German architecture today!

IMG 0911IMG 0912

IMG 0914IMG 0917

Our main goal in Heidelberg was to visit the Heidelberg Castle. Once we arrived in town we headed up the hill to the castle. Damn rich people always wanting the best view in town. Once we made it up to the castle the view was pretty amazing, like they all are.

IMG 0931

See…right there in the lower left corner it’s a pretty cool view, the amazing part is on the right side of the picture…yes I am talking about Spaulding and I. We rock!

IMG 0972

Just kidding…here is a better picture of the view from the castle. You could pretty much see all of Heidelberg and even all the way to Mannheim which is where Becca and Oli are currently living…right across from Club Hans, but we’ll get to that later.

The tour of the castle was nice. The most interesting thing about this castle is that a lot of different German royalty had lived here and they all had different tastes so the castle is a collage of different architecture styles.

IMG 0933

IMG 0936

IMG 0943

IMG 0968

The best part of the entire castle was its wine cellar, which holds the largest wine barrel in the world.

IMG 0957

Pretty big huh!? Funny thing is, that’s not it. I’m serious, that is super puny to the real one. Check it out!

IMG 0960

I couldn’t even fit it all into frame. It is crazy huge!

After the tour we headed back in town to grab some food and continue the beer count. We ate at a nice little cafe in the middle of one of the markets and worked on our beer count, along with some fine bakery.

IMG 0981IMG 0982

Once we finished we all headed to Mannheim to meet up with Oli and Jani who drove all of our luggage there separately. Really, those two are saints!

Once we all got to Becca and Oli’s apartment the most unbelievable thing happened, eight people showered, changed, and got themselves done up in only 45 minutes with only one bathroom. Seriously, ONE bathroom.

The reason for the rush was because we had dinner reservations at a nice restaurant in Mannheim which was right on the river. We met up with some of Oli’s colleagues, Alexandra, Heiko and Harald. We enjoyed hearing and telling Oli and Becca stories to one another and I tried to convince Heiko and Harald to make a trip out to L.A. and more importantly Vegas! We’ll have to wait and see how enticing I was.

IMG 0996

It was also a farewell dinner because this evening would be the last night that Karl, Ed and Darlene would be with us. They were off to Italy to start a new adventure themselves. To send them off in style we ordered an ice cream sundae and called it a night…

IMG 0999

IMG 1000

almost…you see, on way back to the apartment there was no way we could pass Club Hans without taking a picture. Make sure to read the headline under the club’s name. Awesome…if that doesn’t draw a crowd, I don’t know what would.

IMG 1003

Unfortunately, that is our best attempt at being “sexy” clubbers. I don’t think we would be let in. Oh well, I guess I should just have another beer before calling it a night.

IMG 1005

So should Spaulding!

IMG 1006

Yes, that is the big 4-0 for Spaulding. She beat me to our goals. Oh well, leave it to her to always come in first. Alright, enough drinking and eating for one day.

Skibosh Out!

IMG 1007

P.S. I really don’t understand Spaulding’s obsession with me sleeping. I mean you take one lousy photo of a super hero on a plane and you can never live it down.


A Medieval Castle, A Bear Cave, Another Luge, and A Piano Sing-A-Long!

IMG 0803

Sorry this post took a little longer. There were a lot of videos from that day that needed to be uploaded. This reminds me, if you are viewing our site on a Mac and I tell you the check out the video below and it just looks like a photo, just click on it and it should  start playing. I only have window media files, so the windows media player controls might not load up. That’s it, email me if you have any questions. Now onto the adventure!

Wow! What a busy, busy day we had on Tuesday! The title says it all! If not, then the fact I used three exclamation points in a row should! Well, make it four.

Holy crap did we do a lot today. It was a great day. It started off like any other morning with a nice breakfast, but then we quickly got into  the cars and drove to the Lichtenstein Castle. We were a smaller group today.  Karl and his parents went on their own adventure and Neeraj and Teresa left us to go visit her folks in Austria.

Today’s killer crew consists of Spaulding, Becca, Oli, Moh, Elizabeth, Yi and me!

IMG 0868

Check out the American and German flag in the background. No way we were going to miss that photo op!

Anyways, where was I? Oh yeah, the Lichtenstein Castle. Out of all the castles we saw in Germany this one was by far my favorite. It was the type of medieval castle all of us picture. It had a mote, draw bridge, cannons, a Rapunzel tower, the whole shebang!

IMG 0780IMG 0783
IMG 0782IMG 0793

Not to mention the most unbelievable view of the city below! Check it out!

IMG 0777

As always, when we arrived we had a private English tour of the entire castle. Unfortunately they did not allow us to take pictures inside so there will be no visuals to accompany my description. That’s unfortunate for you because it was really cool inside and I am a terrible writer. I will just stick to the highlights. Here it goes!

There are three things that come to mind when I think about that tour and they are the following. When we first entered the castle, the owner of the castle (some German Duke) had a collection of weapons, armor and cannons and so forth in one room.

We got to see all different suits of armor, guns, cannons, crossbows and shields. It was pretty cool to look at stuff that was that old, plus it was weapons, what guy doesn’t like weapons?!

The second thing that comes to mind about the tour was the drinking room which was made for all of the men of the hunting group. It was a rather small room, but it was made entirely of wood. There were 4 main benches and at the head of the room was very small staircase that led to a pulpit and a small table where the duke and a guest sat. If anyone wanted to make a toast they got to walk to the raised pulpit and make it there.

The funniest part was the bathroom, it was a small balcony off the side of the room. That’s right a balcony! The men would step outside and pee off the side of the castle, right into the mote! It was awesome.

The third and final thing worth mentioning about the tour was a bullet hole that was in a mirror in one of the rooms. The story goes that when the French invaded Germany a long time ago they took over the castle. One night a drunk French soldier wandered into the room, saw his reflection, got scared and shot the mirror.

Now, it would be pretty cool if that bullet hole was really that old, but unfortunately we were there with a bunch of geo-physicists and they all kind of dissected the bullet hole and realized it probably was faked. Just leave it to the really smart phd’s to ruin my gullible mind. Oh well.

After the tour we spent time outside of the castle taking some goofy pictures.

IMG 0809IMG 0811

We’re imitating those guys!

IMG 0814IMG 0818

After we were done amusing ourselves we moved onto the next site-seeing adventure. The Bear Cave!

The Bear Cave is a cave in the mountains that some guy found because he dropped something down a large hole in the ground, which was the cave. As they explored the large cave they found skeletons of 50 bears. One was pretty fully intact.

IMG 0840
IMG 0830
IMG 0836
IMG 0826

Unfortunately we couldn’t get a shot of the bear because it was too dark and too far away for the flash on our camera to reach. The cave was very cool, so it was a great break from the summer heat.

After the cave, we stopped by another Bobbahn (Luge) in the mountains. We each got four tickets to ride and the races began!

IMG 0849IMG 0850

Here come the videos!

Ann’s Dirty German Run!

The Boys Death Race 2009!

It was a blast, we kicked butt and no one flew off the track! Which has happened in the past because they had netting up on the curves! Overall, we all should definitely try out for the Olympic team!

IMG 0845IMG 0846
IMG 0847IMG 0848
IMG 0861IMG 0864

Sorry Oli, we did not get a picture of you. At least you were in the video. After a long tough day of site-seeing, spelunking, and luging we decided to call it a day and head back to Wolfgang and Barbara’s for another wonderful dinner of rotewurst, pork wrapped in bacon, German potato salad, and of course more beer!

IMG 0875IMG 0889

It was tonight that Karl did something he has not done in over 15 years. It was a monumental event. I will let Oli tell you about it.

We also found out that Karl’s mom, Darlene, sang in a piano bar in Los Angeles back in her hay day and we figured since Wolfgang had a piano and he could play just about anything (Maybe some Sondheim 😉 that’s for you, Messier) tonight would be the best night for her to come out of retirement.

After some coaxing she agreed and we all gathered around Wolfgang and had a piano sing-a-long. Wolfgang also performed his best Louis Armstrong impression for us. Check it out!

Yeah, that took us by surprise and yes that was Becca snort laughing at Wolfgang. I love it when she does that. Wolfgang was a pretty shy fella up to that point. Then it was all downhill from there! It was a pretty strange and wonderful day. After a lot of songs we decided to call it a night…

IMG 0905

once Spaulding finished putting a gummy bear up my nose. I swear that girl is crazy! Oh, well it tasted fine. Tomorrow, the whole crew would be heading to Heidelberg so once again we would need our rest, so off to bed we went…Alright, until tomorrow!

Skibosh Out!

IMG 0876

The Ludwigsburg Palace and More German Food!

IMG 1072

Hello out there, Skibosh here and today I get to share with you our first adventure to a real German palace, the Ludwigsburg Palace.

After a very awesome Sunday afternoon of eating, drinking and making new friends we all got some rest and woke up around 9 am on Monday morning ready to take on the next adventure. Just like every other day in Germany our day started with a nice hearty breakfast and then 12 of us piled into 3 cars and we headed for Ludwigsburg to see one of Germany’s largerst baroque palaces!

Ann and I got to drive with Wolfgang (Oli’s dad) and Janny (Oli’s younger brother). It gave us a chance to get to know Wolfgang a little better and he gave us a very good background on German government and all the buildings we were driving by on our way to the palace. It was very educational.

IMG 1069IMG 1077

Once we got to the palace we enjoyed a great private English tour where we learned about King Friedrich, who was the most famous occupant of the palace. King Friedrich was 6’11 441 lbs and he was married to Queen Charlotte who was about 5’9 280 lbs.  Every one would stare in astonishment at the large couple whenever they were together.

IMG 1094IMG 1117IMG 1104IMG 1109

We also learned about the port-a-potties of the King and Queen which basically was a Victorian styled chair with a bed pan attached to the bottom. Whenever they needed to go, their servants would bring the chair to them. They would drop trou right in front of every one, do their business and then servants would take the chair away. No toilet paper or anything and they only bathed about once a month.

If you look closely, next to the queens bed is her toilet chair. It’s the blue and white striped one.

IMG 1088

Don’t worry the Queen would put 1 liter of rose oil on her body everyday to help with the smell. Can you imagine the mixture of rose oil, body sweat, and well…everything else… well, wait, don’t imagine it…it’s too gross.

Anyways, once the tour was finished we grabbed some ice cream and coffee by a local cafe and then headed back to Wolfgang and Barbara’s.

IMG 1122IMG 1126

That night we all went to a Beer Garden near Bunzwangon called The Gerber House. Of course we ate more meat, sausage, and definitely drank more beer.

IMG 1129IMG 1132

We started off outside, but made our way into the restaurant when we saw signs of rain. Oli and Wolfgang made the call and they were right, no sooner did we get inside, and it started to rain. It was a cool thunderstorm with lots of lighting and thunder.

The inside of the Gerber house was warm and cozy. Something I noticed a lot about German bars and pubs. The inside always has a lot of wood showing, they are usually a deep auburn brown or yellow, some very warm color. I could only imagine what it feels like to walk in on a chilly Christmas day and enjoy the warm hearty food and good beer.

IMG 1133IMG 0771IMG 0773

Our beer count definitely increased, that’s 38 for me and 33 for Ann. I also increased my German vocabulary. Oli taught me how to say the ever important words “One more please”. I also learned about flammkuchen which is a German/French pizza! That’s right, Janny, it’s PIZZA!  He hates it when I call it that.

Anyways, it’s a pretty simple dish. It consists of creme fraiche (similar to sour cream), quark, bacon and onion. The creme fraiche and quark make up a white sauce and the bacon and onion are the toppings and it all goes on a nice, thin crust pizza dough. It’s delicious!

flammkuchen optweb

Overall, it was another great adventure in Germany. Spaulding and I got to see our first German palace, we enjoyed more food, beer and friends. We closed down the place and headed back to Wolfgang and Barbara’s for a good night’s rest.

Tomorrow we adventure to the Lichtenstein. A medieval castle with a moat, drawbridge and everything us Americans picture a castle to be!

Skibosh Out!

IMG 1119

WOW! That was some SERIOUS Partying!

IMG 0640

Skibosh here! Sorry for the delay in posting this. Spaulding and I have officially returned to the States and I have been battling a serious case of jetlag. I think I am over it and so I will make a post everyday until we have officially left Germany according to our adventure web site.

Before I forget I have added an updates box in the upper right side of the page. It’s labeled “Adventure Updates”. Enter your email and click “Go”. After a couple of steps to verify you actually want to receive email from us, you will be subscribed to the site which means you will receive an email every time we add something new to the site.

Alright, where were we…oh yeah we just finished that wild and mulletized wedding. Crazy stuff! Well, after partying until about 4 am Ann and I went to sleep. We needed to check out of our hotel by 12:00 so there was not much time, but enough. In the morning we experienced another wonderful German breakfast spread at the hotel with the entire wedding party. We had a great conversation about how German drivers are very good at following the law and they are all pretty decent drivers.

Jan had told us that it costs Germans 1000 Euros to get their drivers license and if you get too many tickets they take it away for good and you are out 1000 Euros. There is a ton of studying and class work you have to do in order to get your license and if you fail you cost yourself 600 Euro. If that is not incentive enough to be a good driver, once you get a certain number of tickets you actually get a psychological evaluation, which they call “The Idiot Test” because Germans can not believe you could be so dumb to not only put yourself in danger multiple times, but other people as well.


If this was implemented in America you know how rich those psych evaluators would be or at least completely and totally exhausted they would be for seeing soooo many stupid people everyday?!?! I don’t think there would be enough room to hold all of them.

Alright, I digress, but I do think that is the best damn idea ever! So…after hearing about German driving laws we all got our stuff packed and 15 of us piled into different cars and we were all taken to Oli’s parents’ home in Bunzwangon (hopefully spelled right). Wolfgang and Barbara were up later than we were the night before and got up earlier and they still had their home looking beautiful. There was a beer tent set up in the back yard and Wolfgang had the grill fired up and was already grilling rotewurst, corn on the cob, tri tip, and even vegetables!

IMG 0885IMG 1026

As soon as we sat down they made sure we all had something to drink and no it was not a beer that early in the day. Spaulding and I actually enjoyed some juice….go figure. As the day went on more and more of Oli’s family and friends showed up. Later in the day I gained enough courage and performed some magic for Oli’s Aunts, Uncles and next-door neighbors. It was quite the experience to perform magic for people when I couldn’t speak their native langauge, but to my surprise it worked! Who knew?

IMG 1024IMG 1031

The day stretched into night and the food did not stop coming. Somewhere around dinnertime Spaulding and I broke out the beers and kept the beer count alive that day. Finally, around 10 pm we all decided to call it night. We all being 15 people from the wedding party that were all staying and Wolfgang and Barbara’s, I can not begin to describe what wonderful and amazing people both Wolfgang and Barbara are, but eventually I will and I will definitely post it here.

IMG 1017IMG 1127-1

Ann retired early, but I stayed up just a wee bit later playing a dice drinking game with Janny, Becca, Neeraj, Karl and Theresa. The game was called “Mexli”. Janny learned it while he was in Greece. It is your typical game of “bluff”. It was fun and I always love learning a new drinking game. Finally at 12:00 pm the rest of us called it a night.

IMG 1018IMG 1047

It was the absolutely the most perfect day to have after partying so hard the night before. It was a day filled with food, drink, and most importantly laughter. Laughter with old friends and new ones. Oli’s family and neighbors were so welcoming it was amazing.

IMG 0891IMG 0737

Getting to know Oli’s exchange school buddy Karl and his folks Darlene and Ed was great and it was the best way to end the wedding and start the new adventure of the coming week, which includes 3 castles and German wine tasting. That’s right WINE tasting, NOT BEER tasting.

Alright, that is enough for now. Tomorrow brings another day and another adventure!

Skibosh Out!

IMG 1016

Damn Spaulding and her ability to get up earlier than me!

Germans, Mullets and Crazy Hats!

IMG 0565

Skibosh here! Well, the wedding day finally arrived. The event we have all been talking about, the event that brought Spaulding and I to Germany. The event that brought an amazing group of people together from all over the world!

The Event: The Wedding of Oli and Becca!

IMG 0551

Two people who are greatly loved by people all over the world! Countries like Great Britain, India, Austria, Egypt, America, China and last but certainly not least Germany!

IMG 0546

There are very few times in your life when you get the oppertunity to travel with so many great friends and enjoy a great experience together so far from home. It was an adventure that Spaulding and I could not pass up and it lived up to all our expectations and more.

The wedding was held in a beautiful German church in Kirchheim/Teck, only steps away from the castle where the reception was held. It was very interesting to attend a wedding that was mostly in German. The priest did a wonderful job of translating what he could into English.

After the ceremony we all waked over to the castle for a champagne reception before the food was served. This was great time to catch up with friends and of course keep the beer count going!

IMG 0574IMG 0583

Oh, the girls did figure out how to tie the ribbons into bows and they turned out pretty good. Check them out!

IMG 0563

Before we went into eat there was a very cool red balloon release. We all gathered in the courtyard where red balloons were handed out and we all let them go at the same time.

IMG 0556IMG 0557
IMG 0558IMG 0560

IMG 0559

After the balloon release we all gathered inside to enjoy a nice healthy German buffet for dinner. We had vegetarian lasagna, pork wrapped in bacon…that’s right pig wrapped in pig, can’t get any better than that. This is also the time that the wine started flowing and we started to get to know one another.

Two of Oli’s good friends Jan and Max gave a wonderful speech which included a powerpoint presentation with some funny pictures of the bride and groom. Jan spoke in German and Max spoke in English and everyone was laughing. It was a great start to the evening.

IMG 0594IMG 0597

After the speeches the music started and the fun began. I am sure you are wondering how the mullets and crazy hats came to be. Well, the wedding photographer set up a little photo booth outside that we could all go to and take our own pictures. He encouraged everyone to bring something silly to wear for the pictures, after the booth closed the hats and the mullet moved to the dance floor and that is where we get crazy pictures like these:

IMG 0641IMG 0658IMG 0984IMG 0983
IMG 0982IMG 0957

It wasn’t just all dress up. Once the DJ found the music that got us all out on the dance floor (Michael Jackson or anything from the 80s). We all danced, danced, danced, drank, danced, drank, danced, and danced some more. No one was afraid to show their true dance moves and those are people I will party with anytime, anywhere, anyplace!

IMG 0959IMG 0961IMG 0963IMG 0979IMG 0967IMG 0969IMG 0965IMG 0981IMG 0643IMG 0674IMG 0650IMG 0730IMG 0691IMG 0717

Alright, that is enough, the bottom line is that everyone had a blast and we didn’t leave until around 4:00 am. The evening was soo much fun the DJ played some great music from northern Germany that is very typical and we danced to it all. See for yourself.

After all the dancing and drinking the evening finally and sadly came to an end. We all made our way outside maybe grabbed a final drink to go and very carefully walked back to our hotel which was only across the street.

IMG 1006IMG 1003IMG 1014

It was a great time with great friends, old and new, and I can’t wait to come back to Germany to do it all over again!

Skibosh Out!

P.S. Oh by the way Ann did catch the bouquet and I did catch the garter.

IMG 1015

Kirchheim-Teck: Just As Cute As Becca Described

IMG 0909

Skibosh here! Well, we had to leave Munich and head to Kirchheim-Tek for Becca and Oli’s wedding. The whole reason we are in Germany in the first place.

Spaulding and I caught the first express train outta Munich and we were on our way. Becca had told us that Kirchheim-Tek was a cute little town in southern Germany, but we couldn’t believe our eyes when we first arrived.

IMG 0541IMG 0540

It’s seriously exactly what you would picture a German town to be. The houses with the special wood designed called “Fachwerk”. We got there late in the afternoon. Becca and Oli picked us up from the train station and drove us to our hotel which was just as cute as the town. By far the cutest place we stayed so far. Even cuter than The Rosenvilla.

After we got settled we strolled through town for a little while and then we met up with Becca, Oli and his family and friends and we helped set up the castle they had rented for the reception.

IMG 0921

I made sure to keep the beer count going, while Spaulding, Lara, and Gauri(spelled?) were busying tying, or trying to, tie some ribbons into bows for decorations.

M26IMG 0929

They were lost, but somehow got them all done.

IMG 0576IMG 0577

Once we were finished setting up the castle. We all went to the local beer garden for dinner. Spaulding and I continued the beer count while we enjoyed some local cuisine.


I had Kasespatzle (Cheese Noodles) and Ann had Maultasen (Mouth Pockets), basically meat ravioli. The Germans created this dish in order to eat meat on Fridays. They figured if it was wrapped in a noodle then God couldn’t see it so it was safe to eat.

IMG 0930

After dinner we all called it an early night because tomorrow is the wedding and we all needed to be in good shape. Especially since this German wedding not only included dancing, but funny hats and mullets!

IMG 0999IMG 0657

Stay tuned!

Skibosh Out!
IMG 0565

A Perfect Day In Munich!

Skibosh here! After a good first day in Munich on Mike’s Bike Tour Spaulding and I decided to explore Munich on bike ourselves on our second day in Munich.

Thursday morning Spaulding and I got up enjoyed another wonderful German breakfast and quickly explored the two church towers for a great view of the city.

IMG 0471IMG 0470

We were able to avoid the crowds by getting there early. Afterwards we rented bikes, stopped at the local market and picked up some fresh bread, salami, and water. We packed up and headed for the English Garden.

It was about 90 degrees, 80% humidity, we wanted to enjoy the sun, but more importantly enjoy the Eisner River (Ice River) that runs through the park.

Spaulding and I enjoyed a nice shaded ride through the English Garden. After some lazy riding we found a section of the river that all the kids would jump into, ride down, grab unto two different bridges and then finally swim over to the side and get out before you hit some rapids further down.

It look a little something like this:

Unfortunately there is no video of Spaudling because she did not want to brave the “Ice” River a second time. Mainly because it lives up to its name. They said it is a consistent 53 degrees. It definately felt good to me on the hot, humid day.

After conquering the river Spaulding and I found a nice patch of grass and actually enjoyed the sun for about a half hour and then in about 2 minutes it went from 90 degrees 80% humindity to about 75 degrees and no humidity and people from Wisconsin knows what means…here comes the rain.

IMG 0479

We decided that that would be a good time to head to the Chinese beer garden in the park and enjoy our picnic under some nice sturdy trees. After a cool rainy ride to the garden, it cleared up, the squeegy man came out and dried the picnic tables for us, and we enjoyed a nice relaxing picnic of salami bread and of course 2 more beers.


After our lunch we biked to the Olypmic Park and enjoyed a nice stroll through the park which inluded 5000 german runners. There was some sort of race happening that day and we got caught in the middle, but we were able to enjoy the park anyways.

IMG 0494

Since the sky was calling for rain we decided it would be a great time to head home. During the ride home we endured a little rain and a little bigger hail. We made it back to the bike rental place just in time.

After it died down a little we grabbed some ice cream cones and made it back to the hotel in time to enjoy a wonderful thunderstorm from the safety of our room.

IMG 0499IMG 0501

Overall, it was the perfect end to a perfect day. Later that evening we enjoyed a rain free stroll to a local pub and enjoyed beers 24 and 25.


After that, we had to call it a night because the next morning we would be leaving for Kirchheim-Tek for Becca and Oli’s Wedding and that would be an evening we would need a lot of energy, so it was off to bed, affer a quick stop at BK, which you have already read about.

So long Munich, you have been a wonderful and gracious host. I am sure we will meet again!

IMG 0516
IMG 0518
IMG 0449

Skibosh?Spaulding Out!
IMG 0511

Munich Rocks!

IMG 0461

Skibosh here, typing this post in a bier garten in Kirchhiem-Tek. I have a couple of hours before the wedding. Spaulding is busy getting ready with the girls, so I get a little time for myself.

I walked the market this morning, bought a Brat, found a beer garden near the hotel, ordered ein Pils and plopped myself down to write about the amazing time in Munich that Spaulding and I had.

IMG 0404IMG 0405

It all started with a quick train ride from Salzburg to Munich. It was only an hour and a half. It gave Spaulding enough time to journal and me barely enough time to back up all the pictures we have been taking. Wow! The excitement! Let’s just get to Munich.

IMG 0470

We arrived in Munich around 10:30 am, dropped our bags off at the hotel, which was very well located in the middle of the Marienplatz in Munich (the main part of Munich), and we quickly headed to the Old Town Hall to join Mike’s Bike Tour of Munich.

IMG 0409IMG 0416

It was described as a frat party on bikes. How could we resist. I promptly volunteered to bring up the rear and help Franky our tour guide keep everyone in check. He promptly gave me the official title of “Ass Man”.

The bike tour was a lot of fun we got to see all of the main sites of Munich and we quickly understood the lay of the land, so we could continue exploring on our own later.

IMG 0856IMG 0871

The most important part of the tour was the ride through the English Garden. Ever since I read about Munich I wanted to see the English Garden. It is Europe’s biggest public park. It is four time the size of Central Park in New York.

In the middle of the park runs the Eisner River. The crazy germans built and man made wave in the middle of the river that people actually surf. It’s too difficult to describe in words so just check out the video below.

Pretty cool! There is also some fun stuff you can do in the river without a surfboard, but I’ll get to that later.

At the end of the tour Franky gave a gift for volunteering to be the official “Ass Man” on the tour. Here is the official ceremony below.

For those of you who couldn’t get a good look. I was awarded a Mike Bike Tours Freesbie that had the title of “Ass Man” printed on it.

Overall, the bike tour was a blast. We got to ride around Munich with other fellow Americans visiting Germany and I got a freesbie with the words “Ass Man” on it.

What more could you want? Perhaps a trip to the very famous Hofbrauhaus which was very close to the hotel.

After our bike tour Spaulding and I officially checked into the hotel showered, took a nap, and then we were off to Munich’s most famous beer garden and brewhouse!

Hofbrauhaus! I will call it “The Hof” for short…plus I find it very fitting being in Germany 😉 “The Hof” is one of Munich’s oldest brew houses so when we arrived the place was packed, mostly with tourists, but we didn’t care. We needed to drink our liter of beer at “The Hof” so we found a seat next to some guys from Texas who were on a European trip of there own.

IMG 0462

In order from left to right there is Robert, Stuart, Will, and Nick. They were a bunch of frat boys from Texas. It was a good night. I taught them the two German toasts that I know, we drank our beers and called it a night, but not before I visited the ever famous vomitorium in the mens bathroom.

IMG 0464

That’s right a sink specifically for vomitting in and nothing else. If you think that’s a little disgusting. Stuart and Will that they learned on a tour of “The Hof” that at the begining of the century men never wanted to leave the tables to go to the bathroom in fear they would lose them, so they created long funnels that they would pee in one and end and the other end would be pointed toward the sewer drains that were placed everywhere. I call that some dedication to their beer drinking.

Oh well, that concluded our first day back in Munich. We walked back to the hotel and got some rest because tomorrow would be our day to visit the very large English Garden.

Skibosh out!

IMG 0511