September 21, 2021

Bye-Bye Germany :(

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Skibosh here! Sadly today is the day we have to leave Germany. This trip has gone by so quickly; Ann and I barely feel that we were even here.  Unfortunately real life calls and we must heed that call.

Today we got up nice and early, caught a train to Munich and made it to the airport in time for our flight back to the U.S. The flight back will be a tough one because we need to stay awake almost the whole time so we can make sure we are ready to fall asleep by the time we are back in Cali in the evening. It will hopefully help with the jetlag once we are back. To help prepare, Spaulding caught some more Zzzs on the train this morning.

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Ha…I get the final sleeping picture! The airplane ride went smoothly. I love flying Lufthansa. We had our own personal entertainment system in the seat back that was in front of us and we got to watch movies which always helps the time fly (ha-ha, pun intended).

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Since we were flying during the day we got to see Iceland. It was pretty cool. You can’t really tell from the pictures but right past the water and rock formation was nothing but white snow/ice covered plains as far as the eye could see. It was a spectacular sight!

We also flew over the Grand Canyon which was equally amazing…just with a lot less snow!

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The 12-hour direct flight back to L.A. definitely gave Spaulding and I some time to sit back and really remember our trip to Germany. Spaulding wrote in her journal feverishly to help her stay awake. Some night in the not too distant future Spaulding and I will open a nice bottle of wine or two, crack open that journal and read every page. Laughing and remembering everything she has written down. It will be a marvelous evening.

Overall, I sat back on the plane with a feeling of comfort, relaxation and most of all…the feeling of love. As cheesy as it sounds, I never expected to feel so much love on this trip. That feeling of love came from many different places, like Salzburg.

IMG 0676

The quiet empty streets at night, which Spaulding and I strolled every night we were there.

IMG 0651

Or it came from the romantic walks back to our hotel in the evening along the river with our own personal fairy tale castle to look upon. These places and now photos will forever hold a place in my heart that I will never be able to describe in words.

Not only were there places filled with the feeling of love, but also there were so many great experiences that showed us love. First, of course, Biberach…

IMG 0461

and Schutzenfest…

IMG 0151

We got to experience something that a very small town in southern Germany experiences every year and they do it to honor their history.

IMG 0116 IMG 0120

The parades that represented all of the different battles and countries that were involved with Biberach’s past were really neat, but more importantly the respect they had with a parade of the current town’s people that celebrated a 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, or yes, even 100th birthday that year was really cool to see.

IMG 0540 IMG 0539

To see the massive amounts of people that gathered to show respect to their fellow neighbors was amazing to say the least. And of course they pay tribute to the age-old tradition of drinking beer with friends, too!

IMG 0488 IMG 0503

IMG 0601 IMG 0616

IMG 0230 IMG 0195

Ok, Ok, so it was a lot of beer with friends!

After Schutzenfest we also got to experience a real Germany wedding and if you don’t feel love at a wedding, then there will be no hope for the bride and groom.

IMG 0648 IMG 0694

IMG 0729 IMG 0727

IMG 0636 IMG 0986

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I don’t think Becca and Oli have a lot to worry about. There was definitely the feeling of love flowing through everyone that night! Along with lots of wine, beer, whiskey and champagne! What an experience!

Most importantly, the feeling of love came from the people we were with. I never expected to feel the love and joy from people I had just met or only met a few times.

IMG 0526

IMG 0630

It all began with a small group of people in Biberach. Robby and his incredible family, which included: Anna (Nana), Herman (Manne) and his wonderful and beautiful mother, Magda.

IMG 0384

Nana, Manne and Magda all made sure we were well fed before Schuzenfest and, more importantly, well taken care of afterward. Nana made us that wonderful “hangover” soup that worked wonders, and Manne made sure Spaulding and I had sandwiches for the trip to Salzburg.

IMG 0389

More importantly than the food, they opened the doors to their home to us and made us feel right at home as if we were part of the family! In fact, Manne’s direct words for Spaulding were:

“You are like a daughter to me now.”

Words spoken through two misty eyed people saying goodbye to one another. I will never be able to express my gratitude, appreciation and over all thankfulness to these three amazing people, so I must humbly say:

“Thank you, thank you Magda, Manne and Nana from the bottom of our hearts.”

IMG 0610

And thank you, Robby, for being you and having such I wonderful family! You kick ass, my friend.

From one German family to another, this brings us to Oli’s parents, Wolfgang and Barbara.

IMG 0875

All I have to say is WOW! Not only were they preparing and having to set up for the wedding, but also to house 15 people for 3 days after the wedding is more than amazing, it’s truly unbelievable.

IMG 1046

The day after the wedding, their house was open to every one of Becca and Oli’s friends, plus to their family as well. Wolfgang had the BBQ going all day making sure everyone was well fed and I don’t think Spaulding and I ever got a beer for ourselves almost the entire time we were there.

IMG 0873

Wolfgang had some kind of beer radar that made it known to him that I would need another beer before I even knew I would need another beer. Barbara always made sure we were well fed and also shared with us some wonderful stories of Oli and Jani.

I will never forget our final night at the Proksch residence. It was the evening of Darlene’s piano sing-a-long and Wolfgang’s Louis Armstrong impression. I don’t think I had laughed that hard all year then that night at Barbara and Wolfgang’s.

IMG 0890

Again, I will never be able to truly express in words how much appreciation, gratitude and overall thanks Spaulding and I have for these two wonderful people! So I humbly say:

“Thank you for being gracious hosts, loving parents and overall two amazing people that I only hope to be like some day. Thank you Wolfgang and Barbara for everything!”

Now finally on to our friends! What an awesome opportunity to share with a great group of people. How often do you get to spend time in another country with such a wonderfully goofy group of friends?!

DSC 0054 DSC 0774

DSC 0777 DSC 0780

DSC 0785 DSC 0528

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Thank you to Becca and Oli for organizing all of the tours and dinners and such! You two rock! You two helped create a smooth, relaxing travel environment which is nearly impossible when you are dealing with anywhere from 8-12 people! You two are amazing and Spaulding and I love you for it. We look forward to many more adventures in the future with you two. The next being New Year’s Eve!

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I also want to especially thank Jani for not only being awesome, but for being the group’s official photographer! We have some great photos thanks to you, Jani, and it will help us old fogies remember our great times. I guess the only way to repay you is with an unforgettable 21st birthday in Las Vegas! How many days until then?

Finally, I have one more person to thank. Some one that definitely does not go unnoticed in my life and that is Ms. Spaulding!

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Thank you for another wonderful adventure. You have open my eyes to a world I did not know existed and I am completely in love with you because of it. You are amazing and I cannot wait to have more adventures with you. Thank you for the most wonderful gift you could have ever given me (besides you), the gift of the “travel bug”.

I love you, babycakes! Now let’s go on another adventure!

Skibosh Out!

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  1. Simply beautiful! It's so wonderful that we have been able to virtually go on this trip with you! We are sorry to see it come to an end too!

  2. The Bride says:

    We were also extremely sad to see you go! It was such a wonderful week (+ 1 day) with you guys, and it went so fast!!!! We miss you, and can't wait to see you in December! XOXO

  3. The Bride says:

    oh yeah….and nice touch with the rose in the kissing picture, Marty 🙂

  4. The Groom says:

    We had an amazing time with you guys, too!! And I must say this blog diary was a wonderful idea! You two rock!!

  5. Anxiously awaiting the next adventure!

    Note to self: STOP compulsively clicking on this website!!! They will notify you when it is updated!

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