September 22, 2021

Back to Hamburg

Skibosh here!

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Well, Thursday morning after a great night in Mannheim, I got up and enjoyed breakfast with Becca and Oli. After saying goodbyes….I hate goodbyes…Becca walked me to the train station and saw me on my way back to Hamburg to finish out the trip.

The train ride was smooth and uneventful. I arrived in Hamburg around 3:30 so I had about 2 hours to kill before the lovely Meike would be getting off of work and meeting me for a drink and perhaps dinner.

I spent those two hours walking around the Hamburg’s city center. Above you see the Rathaus or City Hall building, I love the old building in Europe. It really makes me realize just how young America is as a country.

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After walking the streets of downtown Hamburg, I enjoyed a pils as I watched the Italy game at one of the cities public viewing areas. It was nice an relaxing and it was a beautiful day in Hamburg, which I guess was the first really sunny and warm day they had this summer, so there were a ton of people out.

At 5:00 I met up with Meike and we both decided it as time to eat. So we walked to the Alsterpavillion, which is the main square right in front of the main lake in Hamburg. We ate a outdoor cafe and enjoyed the view of the lake.

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We were eating right under those umbrellas. It was gorgeous. After ordering our food Robby got off of work and was able to join us. I had schnitzel with a mushroom cream sauce which was fantastic, we enjoyed one more beer and headed back to their apartment to get ready for the 8:30 soccer match, where we were going to head out to another beach club to watch it.

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This particular club in Hamburg was right on the port or harbor, don’t know how you would say it, but Hamburg is the second biggest port in Europe, so it’s a pretty busy place.

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After seeing a little bit of the harbor we heading into the beach club for some beer and pizza. It was the a very cool place and you could tell from all of the people there. It reminded me of the first really nice summer day in Wisconsin and how everyone would finally leave there homes and go outside and enjoy the weather.

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We just sat and relaxed all night. We shared stories about old friends, past loves and just life in general. I learned how Meike and Robby first met in school and fun facts I never really new.

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Overall, it was the perfect way to unwind after a long train ride. It also helped me to save energy because tomorrow night would be my last night in Germany and Robby had a big night planned for us in Hamburg.

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That’s all I got for today. Let’s see what tomorrow has in store. In Skibosh Spaulding Adventure style.

Skibosh Out!

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  1. I love following along on these travels! : )

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