August 5, 2021

Becca and Oli’s Wedding – Germany 2009

Germany Here We Come!

Well, the first adventure we will be posting will be our Germany Adventure. Our good friends Rebecca and Oli will be getting married in Germany this year and we will be there! The best adventure stories begin with a teaser. A little story about the adventure to come. A trailer if you will.     […]

Day 1: 24 Hours of Travel

After a long night attending to the final details, some longer than others, Spaulding never went to sleep last night, that chick is crazy, we left for Munich Germany this morning.  My good friend Mark picked us up at 7:30 am and got us to the airport by 8:30 am to officially start our German […]

Me So Sleepy, But Me Love Me Some Munich

Spaulding here… We are on a train on our way to Biberach and I’m blogging just to stay awake!  We arrived in Munich and everything has been great so far. Our flights have been pretty great and the travel day wasn’t too bad.  We are so excited to be in Munich!  I absolutely love this […]

Quick Note

Skibosh here, I just want to let you all know that we did not have internet in Biberach and Salzburg, but we do have it here in Munich at the hotel. We have been writing a lot and have lots of pictures and videos to share. I will be uploading two more posts tonight that […]

Time To Shoot Some Beavers!

Skibosh here… barely, it’s late in the day Sunday and Spaulding and I have been recovering from Schutzenfest all day. I don’t even know where to begin or what exactly I remember about last night, but I do have proof that Robby, Spaulding and company all got a chance to shoot some beavers last night […]

Salzburg and SOM booyaoww!

Spaulding here and still sleepy since I only got 5 hours of sleep after that crazy Schuetzenfest in Biberach…Germans are crazy!  Let’s go hang out with the Austrians… and so we did! After ridiculous seat finding and train changing from Biberach, we finally made it to Salzburg around 6pmish Sunday night.  Our hotel was on […]

Would You Like A USB Stick With That!

Skibosh here! So Spaulding and I got out a little later tonight than we wanted to and we missed dinner time, so we decided 2 hearty German beers should suffice and it was close, but we still needed some solid food. On our way home from the local brewhouse we stopped at a Burger King. […]

Salzburg, Oh Romantic Salzburg!

Skibosh here, if I used one word to describe Salzburg it would be “romantic”. I am a sucker for smaller European towns that are not huge metropolitan cities. It really takes me to another time and place. It reminds me of the “Port of Soller”, a small Spanish city that Spaulding, BreAnn, and I happened […]

Munich Rocks!

Skibosh here, typing this post in a bier garten in Kirchhiem-Tek. I have a couple of hours before the wedding. Spaulding is busy getting ready with the girls, so I get a little time for myself. I walked the market this morning, bought a Brat, found a beer garden near the hotel, ordered ein Pils […]

A Perfect Day In Munich!

Skibosh here! After a good first day in Munich on Mike’s Bike Tour Spaulding and I decided to explore Munich on bike ourselves on our second day in Munich. Thursday morning Spaulding and I got up enjoyed another wonderful German breakfast and quickly explored the two church towers for a great view of the city. […]

Kirchheim-Teck: Just As Cute As Becca Described

Skibosh here! Well, we had to leave Munich and head to Kirchheim-Tek for Becca and Oli’s wedding. The whole reason we are in Germany in the first place. Spaulding and I caught the first express train outta Munich and we were on our way. Becca had told us that Kirchheim-Tek was a cute little town […]

Germans, Mullets and Crazy Hats!

Skibosh here! Well, the wedding day finally arrived. The event we have all been talking about, the event that brought Spaulding and I to Germany. The event that brought an amazing group of people together from all over the world! The Event: The Wedding of Oli and Becca! Two people who are greatly loved by […]

WOW! That was some SERIOUS Partying!

Skibosh here! Sorry for the delay in posting this. Spaulding and I have officially returned to the States and I have been battling a serious case of jetlag. I think I am over it and so I will make a post everyday until we have officially left Germany according to our adventure web site. Before […]

The Ludwigsburg Palace and More German Food!

Hello out there, Skibosh here and today I get to share with you our first adventure to a real German palace, the Ludwigsburg Palace. After a very awesome Sunday afternoon of eating, drinking and making new friends we all got some rest and woke up around 9 am on Monday morning ready to take on […]

A Medieval Castle, A Bear Cave, Another Luge, and A Piano Sing-A-Long!

Sorry this post took a little longer. There were a lot of videos from that day that needed to be uploaded. This reminds me, if you are viewing our site on a Mac and I tell you the check out the video below and it just looks like a photo, just click on it and […]

Heidelberg Castle, Mannheim and Club Hans!

Skibosh here! Hope everyone had a great weekend. So our trip is slowly coming to an end. We only have two days left in Germany and one long, long travel day. After the long and exhausting day we had yesterday, we decided to take it a little easier today. In the morning 8 people got […]

How To Pour a Hefeweizen!

One of the worst things that can happen to you while you are in Germany is pouring your Hefeweizen poorly. As you can see above this Hefeweizen has WAY TOO MUCH HEAD! Yes, I know what you are thinking and stop right there, this a PG-13 post. After pouring that Hefeweizen so poorly, I knew […]

Wine Tasting… German Style!

Spaulding here to report on our last full day in Germany… and what an amazing last day it was! Today was our wine tasting day in the Pfalz region of Germany. That’s right, WINE tasting… not BEER tasting… 😉 We were able to sleep in this morning, which was really nice since we’ve had a […]

Bye-Bye Germany :(

Skibosh here! Sadly today is the day we have to leave Germany. This trip has gone by so quickly; Ann and I barely feel that we were even here.  Unfortunately real life calls and we must heed that call. Today we got up nice and early, caught a train to Munich and made it to […]

The Official Beer Counting Post!

It’s finally here. The Skibosh & Spaulding Official Beer Counting Post! Please forgive some of the numbering…we were a little drunk, but we do have the correct number of pictures per beer! SPAULDING BEER COUNT = 42   SKIBOSH BEER COUNT = 50 WOW THAT WAS A LOT OF BEER! Skibosh Out!       […]