September 22, 2021

My Return to Mannheim!

Skibosh here!

Well this marks my triumphant return to Mannheim!

IMG 0335

After two fun filled and adventurous days in Berlin I took a train with Oli and Becca back to Mannheim where Ann and I spent a couple of days last year.

IMG 0334

I was looking forward to a nice relaxing evening of drinks and soccer. Tonight the US team plays at the early game and then Germany plays the 8:30 game. We are planning to go to one of those city beaches, getting drinks, and sitting all night watching the world cup.

Now that might not sound like a lot of fun to some people in the States, but the World Cup is a whole different event in Europe and it is a blast to sit and watch a match with hundreds of other people.

IMG 0336 IMG 0337

When we arrived in Mannheim we quickly walked home from the train station, dropped our stuff off and then we met up with two of Becca and Oli’s awesome neighbors Alex and Hermann.

IMG 0342

Hermann drove all of us to the city beach where we enjoyed a lot of beers, food and soccer.


By now you all know that this was the night that USA won in the 90th minute. They were not showing the US game on local TV so we only caught the replay of the goal, but it was awesome.

After the US game we receive free face paint from the bar and we proceeded to put on our game faces for the Germany game.

P1130085 P1130086

We convinced Hermann to give himself a German flag mustache, which looked awesome, but not as awesome as…


German flag side burns! Hermann was totally prepared for the game which was good because it took a while for Germany to score, but when they did the place went nuts!

After the game we went to a bar near their place enjoyed a couple of night caps there.


Then ended back at Becca and Oli’s apartment where we enjoyed more drinks food and a drunk phone call to Spaulding!


Overall it was a great return to Mannheim and one I hope to keep coming back because life is always good with friends and now I’ve met two more so it’s even more of a reason to return.

That’s all for now. Next up Hamburg!

Skibosh Out!


  1. The drunk phone call while I was at work (with a co-worker in my office;-) was the BEST!! Thanks for thinking of me!

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