September 22, 2021

Munich Rocks!

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Skibosh here, typing this post in a bier garten in Kirchhiem-Tek. I have a couple of hours before the wedding. Spaulding is busy getting ready with the girls, so I get a little time for myself.

I walked the market this morning, bought a Brat, found a beer garden near the hotel, ordered ein Pils and plopped myself down to write about the amazing time in Munich that Spaulding and I had.

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It all started with a quick train ride from Salzburg to Munich. It was only an hour and a half. It gave Spaulding enough time to journal and me barely enough time to back up all the pictures we have been taking. Wow! The excitement! Let’s just get to Munich.

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We arrived in Munich around 10:30 am, dropped our bags off at the hotel, which was very well located in the middle of the Marienplatz in Munich (the main part of Munich), and we quickly headed to the Old Town Hall to join Mike’s Bike Tour of Munich.

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It was described as a frat party on bikes. How could we resist. I promptly volunteered to bring up the rear and help Franky our tour guide keep everyone in check. He promptly gave me the official title of “Ass Man”.

The bike tour was a lot of fun we got to see all of the main sites of Munich and we quickly understood the lay of the land, so we could continue exploring on our own later.

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The most important part of the tour was the ride through the English Garden. Ever since I read about Munich I wanted to see the English Garden. It is Europe’s biggest public park. It is four time the size of Central Park in New York.

In the middle of the park runs the Eisner River. The crazy germans built and man made wave in the middle of the river that people actually surf. It’s too difficult to describe in words so just check out the video below.

Pretty cool! There is also some fun stuff you can do in the river without a surfboard, but I’ll get to that later.

At the end of the tour Franky gave a gift for volunteering to be the official “Ass Man” on the tour. Here is the official ceremony below.

For those of you who couldn’t get a good look. I was awarded a Mike Bike Tours Freesbie that had the title of “Ass Man” printed on it.

Overall, the bike tour was a blast. We got to ride around Munich with other fellow Americans visiting Germany and I got a freesbie with the words “Ass Man” on it.

What more could you want? Perhaps a trip to the very famous Hofbrauhaus which was very close to the hotel.

After our bike tour Spaulding and I officially checked into the hotel showered, took a nap, and then we were off to Munich’s most famous beer garden and brewhouse!

Hofbrauhaus! I will call it “The Hof” for short…plus I find it very fitting being in Germany 😉 “The Hof” is one of Munich’s oldest brew houses so when we arrived the place was packed, mostly with tourists, but we didn’t care. We needed to drink our liter of beer at “The Hof” so we found a seat next to some guys from Texas who were on a European trip of there own.

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In order from left to right there is Robert, Stuart, Will, and Nick. They were a bunch of frat boys from Texas. It was a good night. I taught them the two German toasts that I know, we drank our beers and called it a night, but not before I visited the ever famous vomitorium in the mens bathroom.

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That’s right a sink specifically for vomitting in and nothing else. If you think that’s a little disgusting. Stuart and Will that they learned on a tour of “The Hof” that at the begining of the century men never wanted to leave the tables to go to the bathroom in fear they would lose them, so they created long funnels that they would pee in one and end and the other end would be pointed toward the sewer drains that were placed everywhere. I call that some dedication to their beer drinking.

Oh well, that concluded our first day back in Munich. We walked back to the hotel and got some rest because tomorrow would be our day to visit the very large English Garden.

Skibosh out!

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  1. da mama says:

    At long last, another adventure report!

    Assman and frat boys and vomitoriums…oh my!!!

  2. I find it somewhat ironic that your nickname was "assman" considering I (and probably other people) have numerous pictures of your buttcrack from many adventures of the past . . .

  3. Brian Koenig says:



    Ann sleeping on the plane, Salzburg, Munich & beer counting are my favs so far!

    Obviously you are having a BLAST!

    Look forward to reading more…

    Be safe, love,


  4. Brian Koenig says:


    Loved "Assman" 2 LOL

    (as expected I'm sure)

  5. The vomit sink was interesting, but mom and I are so proud – my son, the Ass Man!

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