October 27, 2021

Kirchheim-Teck: Just As Cute As Becca Described

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Skibosh here! Well, we had to leave Munich and head to Kirchheim-Tek for Becca and Oli’s wedding. The whole reason we are in Germany in the first place.

Spaulding and I caught the first express train outta Munich and we were on our way. Becca had told us that Kirchheim-Tek was a cute little town in southern Germany, but we couldn’t believe our eyes when we first arrived.

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It’s seriously exactly what you would picture a German town to be. The houses with the special wood designed called “Fachwerk”. We got there late in the afternoon. Becca and Oli picked us up from the train station and drove us to our hotel which was just as cute as the town. By far the cutest place we stayed so far. Even cuter than The Rosenvilla.

After we got settled we strolled through town for a little while and then we met up with Becca, Oli and his family and friends and we helped set up the castle they had rented for the reception.

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I made sure to keep the beer count going, while Spaulding, Lara, and Gauri(spelled?) were busying tying, or trying to, tie some ribbons into bows for decorations.

M26IMG 0929

They were lost, but somehow got them all done.

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Once we were finished setting up the castle. We all went to the local beer garden for dinner. Spaulding and I continued the beer count while we enjoyed some local cuisine.


I had Kasespatzle (Cheese Noodles) and Ann had Maultasen (Mouth Pockets), basically meat ravioli. The Germans created this dish in order to eat meat on Fridays. They figured if it was wrapped in a noodle then God couldn’t see it so it was safe to eat.

IMG 0930

After dinner we all called it an early night because tomorrow is the wedding and we all needed to be in good shape. Especially since this German wedding not only included dancing, but funny hats and mullets!

IMG 0999IMG 0657

Stay tuned!

Skibosh Out!
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  1. Nice hair and dancing form Skibosh!

  2. OMG that mullet picture is creepy and absolutely hilarious at the same time!!

  3. The Groom says:

    Thank you guys so much again for helping us set up everything!! Both of you deserved that beer! 😉

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