September 22, 2021

Hamburg Hospitality!

Skibosh here!

Well, after 24 hours of travel I made it safely to Hamburg. I had very smooth trip overall. I had a 5 hour layover in Heathrow where I enjoyed an English breakfast of eggs, sausage, bacon, toast and baked beans. It was delicious.

An hour later I enjoyed a beer while I watched Germany lose to Serbia in the World Cup. This would mean many sad faces in Germany when I would arrive, but hopefully I could keep their minds off the loss.

I also met a nice German girl who was from Hamburg that was traveling home after being a Nanny in Great Britain for the past year. She was excited to go home to see family and friends and to start her teaching career.

I was also excited to get to Hamburg to see my old roommate Mr. Robert Reichle!

IMG 0006

You might not recognize him from last year without his mullet.


After a short train ride Robby and his beautiful and charming girlfriend Meike took me out to dinner at a German pub where we enjoyed some schnitzel and then some apfal strudel. Not too mention my first two German beers of the trip.

IMG 0004

After dinner and some laughs we headed home where I promptly texted Spaulding about the adventure so far. I then very quickly and easily fell asleep to get some rest for the wonderful night ahead.

Tomorrow we head to Bag Doberan for Ray and Anja’s wedding! I can’t wait to party it up German style.

Skibosh out!


  1. Tell Meike that scarf is a pretty color on her! Miss you and have fun!

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