October 27, 2021

Day 1: 24 Hours of Travel


MarkAfter a long night attending to the final details, some longer than others, Spaulding never went to sleep last night, that chick is crazy, we left for Munich Germany this morning.  My good friend Mark picked us up at 7:30 am and got us to the airport by 8:30 am to officially start our German adventure!

It does not even seem like we are leaving for Germany. There hasn’t been a lot of planning needed for the trip, so my mind has been on work and making sure Mark is in a good place when I left. I know he is and that helps put my mind at ease as we begin our travels.

Spaulding/MunichSpaulding has been busier than I have ever seen her, well scratch that, I haven’t seen her for two weeks. She has been working like a dog ever since Matt and Allyce’s wedding 3 weeks ago. She was writing in her journal on the flight to Chicago and she filled an entire page with everything she needed to get done for “The Mouse” before she left and she got it accomplished. She is amazing!

Before we boarded the plane to Chicago we had a chance to switch seats with a family and we scored sweet exit seats so we were able to stretch out and relax on the flight. We watched a okay romantic comedy with Renee Zelwhat’s her face and Harry Connick Jr.  It was good enough to make the time go by. Once we landed in Chicago we had a long, long, long, walk to our connecting flight. We had to go from gate C15 – C16. We were lucky we had 2 hours to cover the 27 feet.

The flight to Munich should be good. We leave at 6 pm Central Time and arrive in Munich at 9 am. Most of the flight should be covered by us sleeping. Well, as soon as I am done with this post I will try and get some sleep. Spaulding is out cold right now. Wait…I’ll take a picture…there.

Super Spaulding

No that is not the latest Marvel Super Hero beneath that mask and shroud of mystery lies Spaulding. She has been extremely worried she was not going to be able to sleep on the flight because on our last adventure we traveled to Spain to see our good friend BreAnn and she did not sleep one wink on the flight to Spain and the next day trying not to be a walking zombie was a big challenge for her.

Well, at least with no sleep, a full stomach, some sleeping pills and the “mask and shroud of mystery” she seems to be out cold. Way to go Spaulding, we need to be in good shape for Beaver shooting on Saturday so we will need our rest.

And with that I will end the first official travel post of our adventure website. I will be back again…hopefully if Spaulding doesn’t kill me for posting that lovely picture of her!




  1. da mama says:

    Ann! Wake up, take off that mask and guard your beaver!

    Sorry. Please delete this!

  2. da mama says:

    You're not gonna believe this, but I just did a closing with some people named Beaver! I even took a picture of their mortgage page for proof! What are the odds? I have never even heard of anyone with that name before!

  3. Hehehe, love the comedy-superhero writing approach you took. Ann, deary . . . HOPE YOU GOT SOME SLEEP!! I found out the hard way on my recent trip to Finland that you shouldn't stay up all night,,,, even though I ended up sleeping on the flight and when I got in, I had the WORST bout of jet lag in my entire life…and it lasted one full week! Afterwards I read in traveler's tips to NEVER stay up all night before you travel across 8 or more time zones. Whoops!

    If you guys get any jet lag… besides caffeine dosing, drink lots of water (not hard for ann), stay AWAY from bread and carbs, and stay away from warm rooms (keep windows open even if it's cold out)!!

    Have fun you crazy kids!! 🙂

  4. Marty, Ann

    Nice to see you arrived. Where did you get that writing skill, Mart? Enjoyed the update, looking for more of them.

  5. da stace-dawg says:

    mama k and myself would like to wish you amazing travels and keep the blogs-a-commin! hope your having a great and fantastic time! enjoy!

    much love and a wish of many beers and some great wine,

    da stace-dawg and mama-k!


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