September 22, 2021

Anja Day in Berlin!

Skibosh here!

This morning woke up to another beautiful sunny day in Bad Doberman.

IMG 0198

After eating breakfast, I packed up, checked out and took some final pictures of the town and Hotel before Ray, Anja and I headed off to Berlin.

IMG 0199 IMG 0197

IMG 0202

Once the car was all packed we enjoyed a nice 2.5 hour drive to Berlin from Bad Doberman. I ‘d like to call this day in Berlin “Anja Day”.

IMG 0205

You see Anja would be be leaving Berlin tonight to go back home and enjoy an all day spa trip with the girls, so I made sure I took all of my pictures this day with Anja!

That is the Bundestag behind us. It is the government building that houses parliament and the senate. Ray’s friend Marko works for a congress woman and we actually got a private tour of the Bundestag the next day so I will talk about the Bundestag more on the next post.

The very first thing I wanted to see in Berlin, was the same thing very same thing every American tourist would like to see first in Berlin and that is the last remaining reminisce of the Berlin Wall and Checkpoint Charlie (one of the places you could cross between West Berlin and East Berlin)

IMG 0224

IMG 0225

IMG 0230

IMG 0231

I thought, how ironic there is a sign that states, depending what side you are on, that you are either leaving or entering the American part of Berlin and right next to checkpoint Charlie is a McDonalds!

How appropriate is that! 🙂

We also saw the most famous gate in Berlin called the Brandenburger Tor in the Pariser Platz.

IMG 0209

IMG 0210

We also walked the Jewish Memorial that has been a source of big debate in Berlin. It is basically a big area with different size stone blocks.

IMG 0213 IMG 0215

IMG 0217

There was a lot of time and money spent creating a Jewish memorial to remember all of the Jews that were killed during Hitler’s reign. There is no information about what the stone blocks mean, so some people wondering how much its memorializing if there is no information to tell you why it is there.

We also saw the Postdamer Platz and the Sony Center. Whenever Hollywood premiere’s a big movie in Germany the red carpet viewing is here. It’s their version of Mann’s Chinese Theater.

IMG 0219

IMG 0220

After seeing all of that it was time to grab a bite to eat and have a drink at one of the many city beach’s in Berlin.

IMG 0234

IMG 0233

That’s right I said a city beach. A while ago a business man had an idea to rent open space in the middle of the city, ship in a bunch of sand and beach chairs and then sell beer and currywurst and during the world cup they rent big screens so everyone can view the games outside together.

After dinner and beers we headed back to the Hauptbahnhof to see Anja off. She was very sad to leave her husband, but she had an important spa trip she could not miss.

After that Ray and I met up with Tino(spelled?), a high school friend of Rays, and we went out for a few drinks and a very cool bar on the river. We also met with Becca and Oli who were in town for a business vacation.

Overall, Anja day in Berlin was wonderful. I was sad to see her go, but it was fun and tomorrow Ray and I have a very busy day in Berlin. So I need my sleep.

Skibosh Out!

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  1. Two things—

    1. What the heck kind of name is "Bad Doberman"? haha! It would be interesting to hear how it is pronounced, as I just think it sounds like something you'd say to a dog who is misbehaving 😉

    2. I love those "city beaches"! When I visited berlin years ago, it was near the end of a very long month and a half trip and I didnt' feel like looking at ANYTHING anymore, so I went and hung out at a "pretend beach" bar along the river and sat in the sun and had some drinks!

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