September 22, 2021

A Perfect Day In Munich!

Skibosh here! After a good first day in Munich on Mike’s Bike Tour Spaulding and I decided to explore Munich on bike ourselves on our second day in Munich.

Thursday morning Spaulding and I got up enjoyed another wonderful German breakfast and quickly explored the two church towers for a great view of the city.

IMG 0471IMG 0470

We were able to avoid the crowds by getting there early. Afterwards we rented bikes, stopped at the local market and picked up some fresh bread, salami, and water. We packed up and headed for the English Garden.

It was about 90 degrees, 80% humidity, we wanted to enjoy the sun, but more importantly enjoy the Eisner River (Ice River) that runs through the park.

Spaulding and I enjoyed a nice shaded ride through the English Garden. After some lazy riding we found a section of the river that all the kids would jump into, ride down, grab unto two different bridges and then finally swim over to the side and get out before you hit some rapids further down.

It look a little something like this:

Unfortunately there is no video of Spaudling because she did not want to brave the “Ice” River a second time. Mainly because it lives up to its name. They said it is a consistent 53 degrees. It definately felt good to me on the hot, humid day.

After conquering the river Spaulding and I found a nice patch of grass and actually enjoyed the sun for about a half hour and then in about 2 minutes it went from 90 degrees 80% humindity to about 75 degrees and no humidity and people from Wisconsin knows what means…here comes the rain.

IMG 0479

We decided that that would be a good time to head to the Chinese beer garden in the park and enjoy our picnic under some nice sturdy trees. After a cool rainy ride to the garden, it cleared up, the squeegy man came out and dried the picnic tables for us, and we enjoyed a nice relaxing picnic of salami bread and of course 2 more beers.


After our lunch we biked to the Olypmic Park and enjoyed a nice stroll through the park which inluded 5000 german runners. There was some sort of race happening that day and we got caught in the middle, but we were able to enjoy the park anyways.

IMG 0494

Since the sky was calling for rain we decided it would be a great time to head home. During the ride home we endured a little rain and a little bigger hail. We made it back to the bike rental place just in time.

After it died down a little we grabbed some ice cream cones and made it back to the hotel in time to enjoy a wonderful thunderstorm from the safety of our room.

IMG 0499IMG 0501

Overall, it was the perfect end to a perfect day. Later that evening we enjoyed a rain free stroll to a local pub and enjoyed beers 24 and 25.


After that, we had to call it a night because the next morning we would be leaving for Kirchheim-Tek for Becca and Oli’s Wedding and that would be an evening we would need a lot of energy, so it was off to bed, affer a quick stop at BK, which you have already read about.

So long Munich, you have been a wonderful and gracious host. I am sure we will meet again!

IMG 0516
IMG 0518
IMG 0449

Skibosh?Spaulding Out!
IMG 0511


  1. da mama says:

    I'm thinking that I could be very jealous, but since I'm living my life vicariously through you…all is good!

  2. kathie marion says:

    I want to go down the ice river!!! Looks like youare having a blast…Well deserved! Have ANOTHER beer for me!

  3. A consistent 53 degrees – brrrrrrrrrr.

  4. If I remember correctly how Mike's Bike tour goes, by the end of the trip you're riding a little wobbly. That is if they still hit 2 or 3 beer gardens on the tour. Goodtimes!

  5. Loving the videos, blogs, and pictures! Brings back a lot of great memories…

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