September 22, 2021

A Medieval Castle, A Bear Cave, Another Luge, and A Piano Sing-A-Long!

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Sorry this post took a little longer. There were a lot of videos from that day that needed to be uploaded. This reminds me, if you are viewing our site on a Mac and I tell you the check out the video below and it just looks like a photo, just click on it and it should  start playing. I only have window media files, so the windows media player controls might not load up. That’s it, email me if you have any questions. Now onto the adventure!

Wow! What a busy, busy day we had on Tuesday! The title says it all! If not, then the fact I used three exclamation points in a row should! Well, make it four.

Holy crap did we do a lot today. It was a great day. It started off like any other morning with a nice breakfast, but then we quickly got into  the cars and drove to the Lichtenstein Castle. We were a smaller group today.  Karl and his parents went on their own adventure and Neeraj and Teresa left us to go visit her folks in Austria.

Today’s killer crew consists of Spaulding, Becca, Oli, Moh, Elizabeth, Yi and me!

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Check out the American and German flag in the background. No way we were going to miss that photo op!

Anyways, where was I? Oh yeah, the Lichtenstein Castle. Out of all the castles we saw in Germany this one was by far my favorite. It was the type of medieval castle all of us picture. It had a mote, draw bridge, cannons, a Rapunzel tower, the whole shebang!

IMG 0780IMG 0783
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Not to mention the most unbelievable view of the city below! Check it out!

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As always, when we arrived we had a private English tour of the entire castle. Unfortunately they did not allow us to take pictures inside so there will be no visuals to accompany my description. That’s unfortunate for you because it was really cool inside and I am a terrible writer. I will just stick to the highlights. Here it goes!

There are three things that come to mind when I think about that tour and they are the following. When we first entered the castle, the owner of the castle (some German Duke) had a collection of weapons, armor and cannons and so forth in one room.

We got to see all different suits of armor, guns, cannons, crossbows and shields. It was pretty cool to look at stuff that was that old, plus it was weapons, what guy doesn’t like weapons?!

The second thing that comes to mind about the tour was the drinking room which was made for all of the men of the hunting group. It was a rather small room, but it was made entirely of wood. There were 4 main benches and at the head of the room was very small staircase that led to a pulpit and a small table where the duke and a guest sat. If anyone wanted to make a toast they got to walk to the raised pulpit and make it there.

The funniest part was the bathroom, it was a small balcony off the side of the room. That’s right a balcony! The men would step outside and pee off the side of the castle, right into the mote! It was awesome.

The third and final thing worth mentioning about the tour was a bullet hole that was in a mirror in one of the rooms. The story goes that when the French invaded Germany a long time ago they took over the castle. One night a drunk French soldier wandered into the room, saw his reflection, got scared and shot the mirror.

Now, it would be pretty cool if that bullet hole was really that old, but unfortunately we were there with a bunch of geo-physicists and they all kind of dissected the bullet hole and realized it probably was faked. Just leave it to the really smart phd’s to ruin my gullible mind. Oh well.

After the tour we spent time outside of the castle taking some goofy pictures.

IMG 0809IMG 0811

We’re imitating those guys!

IMG 0814IMG 0818

After we were done amusing ourselves we moved onto the next site-seeing adventure. The Bear Cave!

The Bear Cave is a cave in the mountains that some guy found because he dropped something down a large hole in the ground, which was the cave. As they explored the large cave they found skeletons of 50 bears. One was pretty fully intact.

IMG 0840
IMG 0830
IMG 0836
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Unfortunately we couldn’t get a shot of the bear because it was too dark and too far away for the flash on our camera to reach. The cave was very cool, so it was a great break from the summer heat.

After the cave, we stopped by another Bobbahn (Luge) in the mountains. We each got four tickets to ride and the races began!

IMG 0849IMG 0850

Here come the videos!

Ann’s Dirty German Run!

The Boys Death Race 2009!

It was a blast, we kicked butt and no one flew off the track! Which has happened in the past because they had netting up on the curves! Overall, we all should definitely try out for the Olympic team!

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IMG 0847IMG 0848
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Sorry Oli, we did not get a picture of you. At least you were in the video. After a long tough day of site-seeing, spelunking, and luging we decided to call it a day and head back to Wolfgang and Barbara’s for another wonderful dinner of rotewurst, pork wrapped in bacon, German potato salad, and of course more beer!

IMG 0875IMG 0889

It was tonight that Karl did something he has not done in over 15 years. It was a monumental event. I will let Oli tell you about it.

We also found out that Karl’s mom, Darlene, sang in a piano bar in Los Angeles back in her hay day and we figured since Wolfgang had a piano and he could play just about anything (Maybe some Sondheim 😉 that’s for you, Messier) tonight would be the best night for her to come out of retirement.

After some coaxing she agreed and we all gathered around Wolfgang and had a piano sing-a-long. Wolfgang also performed his best Louis Armstrong impression for us. Check it out!

Yeah, that took us by surprise and yes that was Becca snort laughing at Wolfgang. I love it when she does that. Wolfgang was a pretty shy fella up to that point. Then it was all downhill from there! It was a pretty strange and wonderful day. After a lot of songs we decided to call it a night…

IMG 0905

once Spaulding finished putting a gummy bear up my nose. I swear that girl is crazy! Oh, well it tasted fine. Tomorrow, the whole crew would be heading to Heidelberg so once again we would need our rest, so off to bed we went…Alright, until tomorrow!

Skibosh Out!

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  1. Superb!!!!!!!

  2. M Messier says:

    Best blog yet….. I want to see the video of you singing "Send in the Clowns" Marty.

    I can't wait til we turn the Adventures of Skibosh and Spaulding into a reality show. Fame. Fortune. Glory…

  3. I love how you guys videotaped the ENTIRE run down the luge, with sound effects and narration and everything. hahahah

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